Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Adventures of Amora and Tristan ~ Hummelstown

Tristan does Hummelstown

After traipsing around Hershey, like Homer Simpson in the land of chocolate, mmmmm...chocolate, we decided to venture out a tad bit further.  We wandered off into all the cuteness that is... Hummelstown!

The entire little town was decorated for Halloween, and simply adorable!  We started off at the Rhoads Pharmacy, where Tristan insisted on having his picture taken in front of the amazingly cute sign...

The the my hottie little pirate dude started finding some friends.  He tried hitting on this little lady...

...but she wasn't really taking the bait.  She actually smacked him with her rolled up newpaper.  I tried to tell him.  He never listens to me.

After getting a beat down, he decided to sit awhile with a group that was reading one of my daughters favorite books, The Runnaway Bunny.  Tristan loved it.  Now...I have to go buy it for him.  He thinks I'm going to start reading him bedtime stories or something.  Ha!  As if.

Then, I lost the little dude.  Found him playing in the fountain.

Little pirate is a handful, I tell ya.  Turn my back for one second...straight for the water!

Took awhile to convince him that it's just not cool to play in the town fountains, but finally we were off again.

We roamed around a little, until Tristan found a new friend.  They cracked several jokes, and had a grand ol'time.

That dude was fun.  They wandered off for a bit, and when I next saw Tristan, he was coming out of the of the hotel...

...all laughing and smelling like rum, so... yeah.  I'm pretty sure they found themselves a bar stool to hold down, and whatever else they were doing in there... I didn't ask... I don't want to know.

So there you have it.  Tristan in Hummelstown.  Amara's photo's look a tad different.  I'll share those next times.

Until then...



  1. I love your adventures with Tristan. Next trip, I'm going to take an adventuresome partner! I look forward to the next installment of your trip.

  2. Thanks Brita :))

    I highly recommend an adventuresome partner, makes for very interesting fun. Although... the people tend to think you're a tad crazy... but... heehee, that's half the fun if you ask me. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear. :)



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