Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amora in excitement overload

Well, I was all ready to come home last night and get ready to give you all part 2 of Amora and Tristan's adventures. But... didn't happen.

Instead, I got all caught up in too much excitement over a very special package I got in the mail. What'd I get you may ask...the best books EVER! My very own, signed copy, of Special Forces: Soldiers I & II; (the Directors Cut), the one that lives over there on my sidebar 'cause it's my favorite-EST book in the whole-wide-world.

WhooWhoo!  *dances the best books EVER dance* and more with the WhooWhoo!!!!

Now I have my very own touch 'em and feel 'em paper set. And they are Beautimus! Beautimus I tell ya! BEAU-TI-MUS! So of course, I had to rush right out and get them their own extra special display case so nothing ever happens to them and rush home and drool over them and put them in their new home. I'm still a little over excited about the whole thing. heehee, can you tell? Can't help it, I love Love LOVE them!!!!!

I spent the rest of the night trying to take a picture of them in their new case so I could show everyone, but couldn't get it to come out right. All I really managed to do was give myself a headache from the flash bouncing off the glass and back into my eyes... over and over and over. Darn it anyway. So pics will have to come later.

I decided instead to share a video my daughter was kind enough to share with me when she heard me squealing about being in Chocoland. Sad to say, it is a fair representation of Amora lost in wonders that are ... Chocoland.

heehee, have a good day all!

Later taters. :D


  1. When you've got; hey, you got it. I was wondering what was in the package coming your way! Lucky girl you!

  2. heehee, I'm STILL dancing around and super excited about them about them. love love LOVE!!!! :D

    Still trying to get a worthy pic to share too. Not just any will do you know. Must have proper respresentation for those babies. :))



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