Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's play...a giveaway :)

Okey dokey.  I've been talking about having a box full of books to do a contest with for weeks now.  Who knows, maybe even longer, been out of it for awhile.  And... I still have no idea what to do for a friggin' contest.


Hi...may name is Amara...and I have no idea what I'm doing.

*Hi Amara*

heehee.  Yes, I talk to myself too.  But I think we all knew that.

Here's the deal.  Although I'm clueless on the contest front, I really do just love to give things to people.  It makes them happy, which...makes me happy too.  Soooo, I've combined my own cluelessness with my love of giving things to people and decided...contest out...giveaway in.

We'll just keep it simple.  How about, I've got 3 used, but in good condition, Sherrilyn Kenyon books from her Dark Hunter series.  Actually, I've got more than that, but we'll start with 3.  Want 'em, or know someone who might?  Leave me a comment, I'll pick someone at random, and send them to you. Seems simple enough. think.

Here's what we've got for this go'round...

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, Book 1)

Night Pleasures

Since I've never done this before, nor have I ever shipped to far away exotic type places, for this first round... lets just say... US only.  I'll see about what it means for far and away next time.  Sorry guys.

Oh...and nice comments too please.  I already know I can be mean, grouchy and bitchy sooo... yeah, no need to mention that.  Besides... tis part of my charm.  I'm good with it.

You've got until next Saturday, that gives you a week.  I'll announce the winner, or um... recipient,  next Sunday, Nov. 20th.  

I think that about covers it.

I'd much rather give them to you guys than the used bookstore, so... come play with me.  It'll be fun.

Have a good one.

Later taters.


  1. You, my darlkink, have my heart on a string.

    FIRST beautiful bellydancing mancandy as your November Sweet and

    SECOND a giveaway from one of my favorite series!

    Please enter me and I will be sure to include your giveaway in my crazy contest sentence on Monday.

    Hugs! Miranda

  2. Ahhh, my sweetest of the sweet. You my dear are entered.

    heehee, and thanks in advance for the Monday mention.

    *hugs* =)

  3. oh I know I am late to the party but ohhh! This is a great series! I am sharing this on FB! Get some more entered... Wait do I want others in this? Ach I'll be nice! Give others a chance to win too! :*

  4. @Nicole: lol, it's never to late to come to one of my parties, you my dear are entered. :) And you're so very nice to invite others to attend as well! Thanks. :)

  5. I have all three of those already so don't enter me please but I wanted to say hi! The only ones of Sherri's I don't have are the most recent ones. I'm keeping the older ones though because she signed them to me. Thank you for having this awesome contest! (This is Susan from facebook)

  6. Thanks for coming by to say hi :) I'll be having many giveaways coming up, so maybe next time. :))

    Signed... I'm jealous! I love signed books!

    Have a good night my dear!

  7. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon! I have some of the books in this series, but not these three. Thanks for a great contest Amara:) Love the blog too by the way, it's my first visit...won't be my last!

  8. Hi Tonya. Thanks for coming by. So glad you like the blog. :)



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