Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mmmmm... SIGNED BOOKS!!!!!!

Ok.  I have something to show you all.  I'm a little excited... still.  It's true, I can't help it.  We all know, I'm a freak... and I fly my freak flag loud... and proud.

heehee, it's part of my charm. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

I totally would have showed you sooner, but... darn it anyway... I could NOT get a proper photo to represent.  I think I've taken about 50 darn shots.  Really.  Maybe even 100.  Honestly.  Pulled out the bad boy Nikon, tried it with tripod, and without... on board flash, without flash... super duper big bounce flash... you name it... I tried it.  Pretty much set up a friggin' studio in my living room, and got... nada.

*shakes head* This one isn't it either, but...

I'm bursting with too much happy happy joy joy, dancing around like a fool... a week later... soooo... here ya go.  The time... is now.  Before I just burst wide open.

What is it I'm all dancing around about?  Well, let me tell you.  I, got a package.  Last week.  Oh yes, yes I did. Best friggin' package EVER!  Mr. Mailman was my uber best friend that day.  Lucky for him he left it in the box and didn't hand deliver that puppy, because my screams would have scared the crap right out of him... before I tackled him and gave him a big ol' kiss.

heehee, oh yeah... that much happy going on that day.

In my package was... SIGNED BOOKS!  Not just any signed books mind you.  My favorite-EST books.  Yeah, like in the whole wide world favorite-EST!

WhooWhoo... *happy dances*... *happy dances again*...Whoo-friggin-Whoo!

My friend, who happens to also be my favorite author, Aleksandr Voinov, sent me...

Special Forces:  Soldiers I & II, the Director's cut.  That's the edited version.  Um... autographed... signed... all that excited happy jazz... Oh friggin' hellz yeah!

Wanna see?  Do ya?  huh huh huh?  You know you do.

Now, if I were to post pictures of myself, you would see me doing the Vanna White...but since I don't, imagine if you will... me... like this...

presenting my valuable prize.  *shakes head* surprisingly enough, I couldn't find the proper pose, but... you get my drift.  Hm.  Maybe that was one of Barker's beauties...

I don't know, anyway...

Now I know, most people would just take a picture of the books of the awesome, but... no, not me.  Mine are in a special display case I rushed right out and bought.  Beautimus they are.  Beau-ti-MUS!

Ok, enough blabbering and freaking out.  May I present to you...

Drum roll please...


* curtain opens*...

my bestest EVER... in all their beautimus glory...new signed books...

WhooWhoo...*more with the happy dancing*... Oh yeah... happy freak girl right friggin' here.  Aren't they just beautimus?


Mind blowing... friggin' awesome.  I love Love LOVE them.  Want to know how much I really love those books?  Before I even got these beautimus ones and fondled them for a week?  I did a review on them way back when, in case you didn't see it, check it out, it lives here.

Those babies... going to life on the sidebar with my other awesome signed books.  ForEVER!

heehee.  Oh yeah, just a over excited happy little freak girl.  And I'm totally not ashamed of it.  With books of awesome like those... what else would I be.

Loud and proud babes.  Loud and proud.

Freak girl... out.

Later taters.



  1. Sign books are awesome! Congrats! :)

  2. Congratulations! :) But I am not sure I would be able to leave them in the display case....

  3. @Lily: Yeah they are! Love them!! heehee, thanks. :))

  4. @Sweet: Well, yeah, don't tell anyone, but... me either. I keep taking them out and fondling them. The case is more to keep all the dust and dirt off of them...and everyone else's grubby hands. lol, I already had to smack down a couple of people who wanted to "see" them... with hands.

    I mean really! We see with our eyes...not with our hands.

    heehee. :))



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