Thursday, November 18, 2010

My TSO pics, part 1

Oh my, how excited am I...

WhooWhoo... excited much.  Much, Much, MUCH!  I've been jumping around for what seems like months about our concert darling daughter and I went to.  7th year, 7th row... blah blah blah.  Well, this year, I decided to try to sneak in a camera.  Oh yeah... I'm a sneaky little thing.  And every year I say... "this is the year"... and then I chicken out.

Ha!  Not this year.  I did.  Snuck that little puppy right on in there.  My very first attempt at concert photos...EVER.  And guess what guess what.  WhooWhoo... I actually got some!

Go Amara, Go Amara.

Now, I get to share them.  Sweet.

May I present to first EVER...concert photos.  TSO baby, TSO!

That's my boy Andrew singing the opening number.  Mmmm.  I still love him.  

That's my man Al, just a jammin away.

Oh yeah Al baby.  Just into it!  Go Al!

That's... um...violin chick.  I have no idea what her name is.  But that chick... can play!

Mmmmm, my other boy, Angus.  Angus...ROCKS!

That would be Angus, and Al's wife.  Forget her name too.  But she is friggin' awesome at the keys!  Amazing that one is.

Darling daughter will kick my butt, but yeah, don't remember his name either.  But dude can belt one out!

That's tommy.  I love Tommy.  Dude has the deepest voice.  Love him.

Damn she's good.  Never heard anyone play like her.  They have keyboard wars with Liszt... amazing!

And...Tommy again.

Tommy and Al.  

Um... yeah, forget her name.  Awesome voice thou.  Friggin' incredible.

And... I call 1/2 time.  The rest tomorrow.  

heehee, Not to bad for my first time, with a pocket camera I've never really used.  Damn.  I want to bring the big boy with the long beautiful lens!

I want to play concert photographer.  YES I DO!  Now that's a job I think would be nothin' but FUN!

See you tomorrow.

Later taters.



  1. Those are AWESOME pics. Wow girl, you did great!

  2. @Sweet: Thanks =D

    It was fun. I love taking pics! Couldn't tell if any came out until I got home. I was verra excited when I saw some of them came out. =D

  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. :)



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