Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Release: Transit by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov

I... have been remiss.  Got my head in the clouds, I do I do.

I've had soooo much going on, sooooo much to tell you all about and had every intention of doing that with this post today.  One of which was that Amora was going to be moving away from the book pimpin' thing.  Well... just like that... in the blink of an eye... she changed her mind.  Again.

Schizo much?  *giggles* you have NO idea.

You see, while I was figuring out what to post about all my goings on, and changes here and there, I realized, silly little blog girl missed her favorite-EST two authors new book release.  What the heck Amora, pay attention!  Sheesh!  And here we are, coming full circle with the book thing.  Not sling the books... Ha!... yeah right!

So... while I get my act together and find you a sweet little excerpt to post, I thought I'd just go for the release and the blurb.  Darn thing came out last week or something, and, well, can't let another minute go by without showing you this puppy.

While I get my head screwed back on straight, and my own blog figured out, may I present to you... the newest release by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov.   Drum roll please... 

*rappa tap tap...tappa tappa tap*

*crowd waits in silent anticipation*

I bring you... Transit by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov...

*crowd goes wild!*
*Screams, hoots, hollers and whistles from the crowd*

WhooWhoo!!! *does the new release dance*  Go Raev, Go Raev... Go Aleks, Go Aleks...

Congrats guys!!!

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Length:  Novella
Catagory:  LGBT 

The Blurb:  When a snow storm strands Javier Castillo in Italy at Christmas, it almost ruins his chance to win back a client his advertising agency desperately needs. The situation isn’t improved by the presence of his colleague, Andrew Young, a silver-tongued account director infamous for having slept with a client. Javier has a hard time respecting a man who would do anything for an account, but proximity may prove that Andrew is not quite the man Javier thought. They might have the opportunity to forge a successful business opportunity—or even a life together—if they don’t get cold feet.

Excerpt to follow.

Check that bad boy out, and do enjoy!

Later Taters ;)


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