Thursday, December 23, 2010

Allromance eBooks ~ 11th day

Wow... how's this for late.  Does better late than never still count?  Hm...

Yeah.  It does.  Back to being my blog...which means my own rules.  It's good to be queen of your own domain.  yes, yes it is.

My I present...another free

Allromance 12 days of Christmas...

~ 11th Day ~

Past Pleasures

Series: Desire Through Time , Book 1
By: Charlotte Stein |
 Other books by Charlotte Stein
Published By: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Published: Aug 09, 2010
ISBN # 9780857152541

Book one in the Desire Through Time Series

The future holds all the pleasures any woman could want.

No sex? No women?

When Kate agrees to a mad experiment with something as insane as time travel, she expects exactly what Professor Waites had suggested: dystopian nightmares and possible barbarians.

So when she finds herself in a future where women no longer exist and the men have no idea what they’ve been missing, she can’t seem to catch her breath.

Especially when the men in question—the darkly handsome Tem, and his starkly beautiful companion Aley, are so curious and so ready to learn everything she has to teach—including all the past pleasures they never knew existed.

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