Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the winner is....

WhooWhoo... we have a winner for the Transit giveaway.

Well, we have 2 winners for this one thanks to the fabulous Mr. Aleksandr himself.  You sooooo rock.  Thank you thank you =D

heehee, that was so awesome cool of him.  Dude rocks.  Just sayin'

Ok, onward...

This winners of the awesome Transit giveaway are....

Envelope please...

Hey... where's the envelope?  *looks for Tristan*  Where is my assistant?  ... Tristan!

*Tristan saunters in*

"What are you gettin on about?"

Envelope Tristan.  We need to announce the winners... where's the envelope?

*Tristan reaches in pocket*  Easy with yourself... it's right here... *hands over envelope and saunters off*

*mutters*  Pirates... I swear...

Ok, let's try this again....

*opens envelops*

And the winners are....

Jo ~ 1more-sickpuppy

Come on down, you win babe.  Get a hold of me at and let me know if you want gifted the awesomeness of Transit from Amazon or Allromance and where to email it too. :)

And the runner up is....


Chris, send me your email as well so I can forward it to Aleksandr for your copy. :)

Thanks for playing everyone.  Tomorrow will see the announcement of the Love Immortal giveaway.  'till then...


Winners picked using


  1. Aw, thanks!! My email address is my name at :)

    Congrats, Jo!

  2. You are most welcome Chris :))

  3. Actually, thanks to Aleks for throwing in the 2nd copy. Yay!

    heehee, giveaways rock :))

  4. (A little belatedly - I did check back here earlier, but on the wrong post - doh! Luckily Amora chased me down.)

    Thank you so much, Amora! I am verrry happy, and feel a little guilty for being so lucky... ´:)

    Saving the prezzie for Christmas!



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