Friday, December 31, 2010

Bloggus Interuptus... Break and Enter by Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz

Well, he did it again.  I'm supposed to be making a Finely Friday post for tomorrow, that I was putting off for a special New Years Eve post, all of which has now been postponed for ... that's right... another Aleksandr Voinov book.  Well, maybe WIP?  No, book.  Hell, I don't know.  Whatever.

Just when I think I can keep up with that guy, what's he do... hooks up with another great author... and bangs out another book.

4 days this time.  4 days!  Who writes a book in 4 days?  That's insane!

I swear, I look away for a second... sheesh!

Ok, who am I kidding, I never look away, I stalk the guy unmercifully, but I did blink.  Kinda have to, it's required.  Dried out eyeballs just suck.


This time, he's teamed up with Rachel Haimowitz.  I've mentioned her a couple times this week I think. So far... I am thoroughly impressed.  I'll be starting my second book of hers this weekend, I hope, and I'm totally stoked.

And no, I won't tell you about the first one yet, so... don't ask.  Tis not time.  I will tell you that you can expect to see much more of her over here at the Place.  I'm totally excited and just dancin' all over.

Ok, kinda looks more like a giant flail, but... whatever.


Ok, Amara, calm yourself, and make a post.

So, what is it that's taken the place of Finely Friday?  A little teaser of this book I'm all excited about.  That's what.

Oh yeah, Rachel put it up yesterday, and being the little stalker that I am, I was all over that jewel.  And... not sorry.  Not sorry in the least.

So, here, with my claymores AND my hand grenades all going at once, I bring you...the almost nowhere seen before teaser ripped straight from Rachel's blog...  *drum roll*...

*crowd waits in anticipation*

Break and Enter, the new cyberpunk goodness by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov.

*crowd goes wild*

Ok, I'll be quiet now, and let you read...

Break and Enter

Bear spent his evenings working on Cyke’s system, trying to make it as reliable and maintenance-free as possible. Cyke would lie on his belly on Bear’s bed, resting on his elbows, cable connecting from his skull jack to Bear’s terminal. Most times, Bear would clean up lines of scrambled code, but some parts of Cyke’s system were so far above his head he could only explore them, try to figure them out.
Tonight was the clot-bots, a familiar if deeply complex bit of ‘ware. He edited the last line of communication code between the bots and Cyke’s platform chip, and then, satisfied with his progress for the night, decided to indulge his curiosity. He pulled up a mystery function he’d been wondering about for a while.
“Shit,” Cyke muttered from the bed, and let his head hang, breathing harshly through his nose.
“You okay?” They’d agreed that Cyke would warn him if he did something painful or obviously wrong, but he wasn’t sure he could trust the mule-headed bastard to remember or admit it.
“. . . yeah.”
That groan wasn’t pain, not with that expression on his face. Bear sent in another ping, and this time Cyke gasped.
. . . Okay. This was interesting.
He tried approaching it from another angle, but the result was the same. Cyke gasped again, fisted his hands and gritted out, “Stop.
“Am I hurting you?” Bear asked, knowing damn well he wasn’t.
So yeah, okay, sometimes he could be a real first-class bastard.
Cyke glared at him over his shoulder. “Just leave it alone,” he said. Bear swore he heard a hint of question, a hint of pleading in those words. And maybe something else, too.
“Only if you tell me why they’d do this to you.”
Cyke was silent a long moment, cheeks flushing with embarrassment, or perhaps anger.
Finally, he said, “Focus.”
It took Bear a second to realize that wasn’t an order, but the answer to his question.
“No room for ‘urges’ on the battlefield,” Cyke added with clear disdain. And damn if that wasn’t the most Cyke had said about himself in the whole five days he’d been here.
Bear looked at him. Looked at the code block, simple, so easy to excise. Back to Cyke again. Said, “You’re not on the battlefield anymore.”
He deleted the code.

Tell me that's not going to be good!  Go on... I dare you.

*does the overexcited happy dance*

Go Aleks, Go Aleks *dances some more* Go Rachel, Go Rachel

And now...I've worn myself plum out.  That's all you get for now.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I sure did. 

Later taters


This teaser thievery has been done with the complete permission of the author.
Thank you Rachel :)


  1. Awesome post Amara! Love the dragon flail! LOL!
    Ok, so I am psyched about this story, when does it come out again?

    Love the way your blog is starting to look, very pretty. =)

    Have a great night Sweetie! *HUGS*

  2. Thanks :) Little dragon there makes his appearance every now and again. =D

    I'm not sure when it comes out. They aren't that far along yet. This on is a super early teaser, they're still wrapping it up I think.

    And thanks, so glad you like the blog. New blog look for the new year :)

    Have a great night my dear. *HUGS*

  3. Sigh- all right- putting it on the list...

  4. @LB: LOL, sounds good doesn't it. I can't wait to see what these two do together. They are going to rock tough. I just know it!



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