Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enter to win... Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

Awesome!  You know how much I love the whole signed book thing?  Yeah, well, check this out.  Rachel Haimowitz is giving away a signed copy of her book Counterpoint.  Look at how pretty that one is...

Yeah, I want it.

I could just keep this my little secret, gives me a better chance to win that puppy, but... nah.  I'll pass it along because I think that's awesome, and well... I like to share ;)

She is filled with the awesome.  I've not read this one yet, it's up on the tippy top of the TBR pile, but I have had the pleasure of reading one of her others, and, well, .... yeah.  She is friggin' goooood!

More on that later ;)

For now, go to her blog for your chance to enter and win that baby.  You only have 2 days left, soooo... hurry.

Later taters



  1. Sweet! Thanks... and BTW - love the under construction icon.

  2. You're welcome. I do so love the giveaways. And one from an author I like that is signed... will cause me to drool on myself. lol.

    And thanks, couldn't have one of those typical yellow and black construction deals. No likey the typical. :)



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