Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funky Smiles...

Being all in a funk... blows.  I keep trying different things to pull out of it, and just... can't quite seem to get there.  At least not for more than a minute or two.  Well... except to turn friggin' mean.  I seem to have mastered the mean and the bitchy.  But then I'm often bitchy, I wasn't dubbed Queen B for my ability to make honey.  And, well, I do like that title.

But mean... that's not good.

The more the day progressed, the worse the mean got.  So, about mid-way thru the day, I decided to check out, before I hurt someone, and blog surfed.  What I found was one of my blog friends "Happy List".  I've seen her do that in the past, much more uplifting than my "Miserable list", and I thought... I REALLY need some happy.  So... I tried to make a list.  And... failed.  The whole exercise left me with that feeling I used to get with mother would tell me to eat my brussel sprouts, there were starving children in Africa.  I never understood that, how was my eating them going to help those poor starving children?  I always wanted to tell her... "well, by all means... please... send them my friggin' brussel sprouts!"

Yeah, happy list fail... didn't help.

But... I did manage to find a few smiles.  Some anyway.  With this funk... I'll take the some.

And I'll share those too.  After all, I did just share the mean and the bitchy.  Seems the least I can do.

My first smile came from a friend to my Facebook in box on Monday.  I saw that again poking around on FB and smiled again.  So... share time.

Um... yeah, still don't quite know what to say to that video, but definitely got a smile and even a bit of a laugh out of me, more than once.  Even just did it again.

More smiles...

Hm.  Seems even the smiles come from a bit of the bitchy right now... *shrugs* ... what's a funk girl to do.  

How about...

That one makes me giggle.

Now I'm taking myself to bed.  We'll just try again tomorrow.  Perhaps I can at least contain the mean and nasty.

I promise nothing.

Later taters


  1. Hiya Sweet. Tomorrow is treating me better. Starting to get my grove back a bit :)

    Hope tomorrow is treating you good my dear. :)



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