Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Mayhem...

Hello, hello, good Monday morning all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  :)

With another one right around the corner, New Year and all that jazz, I am up to my eyeball in chaos over here. More going on than I can wrap myself around.  Speaking of wrapping myself around something... 

Muse please...

yeah... that'll work...yummy.

Ok, moving on.  

No idea what is going on this week.  Back to the chaotic mayhem thing.  Most of what I've got going on is a behind the scenes thing.  Much prep for the moving and the shaking that will be 2011, or January anyway.  That's shaping up to be a busy month at the Place.  Like... with real book type stuff.  Reviews, interviews, and lots of givaways.  And maybe even a whole new blog.  All of which I need to wrap my head around this week.  

Noooo pressure.

So what's it mean for you... now?  Hell if I know.  We'll see what rabbits I can pull out of my hat.  I do have some funny, some hottie and maybe even an excerpt.  I'll surprise you.  

I'm off... yes, of my rocker, but that's a different story.

Make Monday treat you well. 

Later taters


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