Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My new signed books...

Lookie lookie... new signed bookies!  heehee

You know how much I love those!  Love love love...yes, yes I do!

Check 'em out!

Aren't they beautimus?  Beau-ti-MUS!

They are not actually new, as in just got them today new or anything like that.  I got them a couple/few weeks ago, but I've been fondling them and playing with them, and of course, trying to find them the perfect case to live in, so nothing ever happens to them.  And... I almost have too.  I am vera excited about that.

Cool aren't they?

Why, yes Amara, they are.  heehee.

What you are looking at there is just uber awesomeness.  The fabulous Barbara Sheridan, also known around here as my Matsu, or as I often call her, my twisted sis, sent me an uber cool copy of The Naughtiest Nuptials in which she and Anne Cain have a story called I do.  I don't have a worthy frame for that one yet, so you can't see it.

She also sent me a signed copy of her and Aleksandr Voinov's book, First Blood, which does have it's cool frame, but... you can't see that either.  You have to wait, because in honor of that one, I bought a copy to do a giveaway with, so you have to wait for that to see the awesome.  Soon... I promise.


I also have there, a copy of Jacob's Ladder that I won from ZA Maxfield... how much did I love that!  I've been trying and trying to win one from her, and ... whoowhoo... I finally did.  And a signed one nonetheless.  Awesome!  That one I can show you now, because I get to post an excerpt too, and since it now has it's frame, and the excerpt is scheduled...  it's ready for it's viewing...

Beau-ti-MUS!  I love it!

I will have the excerpt up tomorrow, so do come back and check it out.  :)

That's all for me, for now...

See you tomorrow!

Later taters


*skips off singing* I love love love my new signed books, my new signed books, my new signed books...


  1. How Lovely!!! I just won Blood Run Cold over at Jessewave's and told Alek all about how I picked it because of you!

  2. Congratulations Sweet!

    You picked it cuz of me? You rock my socks Sweet! heehee that makes me smile :)

    And I'm glad you picked that one, or rather, didn't pick other ones, because... never mind, I can't tell you... iz a surprise... heehee

    Have a good day :)

  3. You are such a tease! Now I am going to have to put it at the top on my TBR list!

  4. LOL, oh yeah, total tease. But surely you knew that. :P

    But I'm not teasing about BRC, heehee, iz totally unrelated tease. heehee, and I'm still not sayin' so... now I'm a double tease =D

    heehee, teasing is fun =D



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