Thursday, January 13, 2011

And the winner is...

Well, here we are again.  Another giveaway comes to a close which brings us to... Award Night.

Once again, I've misplaced my little pirate buddy Tristan.  I have got to do something about little buddy there. But no matter.  He has a fine stand in.  Once again, Tristan's loss is vera much my gain.

Oh my yes.  Johnny Depp will be doing the honors this evening.  

Johnny dear... would you bring the envelope please...

"Of course darling"  *Johnny saunters up, hands envelope over*

*kisses Johnny*  Thank you dear...

"Mmmm, you are most welcome darling"



*opens envelope*

And the winner is...

Anne B ~ indplsbear 

Congratulation my dear.  

Thanks for playing all.  

Later taters



  1. Congrats to Anne B!!

    Amara, I love your assistant, may I please steal him and keep him as mine, forever and ever??? =)

  2. @Jen: LOL, you can borrow him, I'll share, but... you have to give him back. ;)



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