Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beyond my wildest dreams

I so very much love my blog.  My silly little blog has turned into something I never expected… a place that brings me great joy.

When I started this little Place of mine, it was for the sole purpose of having somewhere to post things about books I was reading and not liking.  I suppose they call those reviews.  I was coming across things in popular books that I didn’t like, things I wished someone would have warned me about before I read them and lodged them in my brain… and couldn't scrub them out.  I figured if no one else was going to include these things in their reviews… I would.  Truth be told, I never expected anyone to ever even find my blog, let alone read it.

Here I am almost a year later, and my little blog just blows my mind.

My blog has opened a world to me I never even knew existed, it’s given me opportunities I never dreamed of having, and I’ve met some of the most incredible people. 

Because of my blog, I get to rub shoulders with authors.  Not just any authors, but really great ones, even… my favorite ones.  That alone blows my mind.  As if that wasn’t enough… I also get to help them promote their work.  I get to interview them.  I get to play with their characters.  I get to watch them work.  I get to read their works in progress.   I get to do so many cool things there are too many to actually list. 

But something even greater seems to have happened just in the last month or so.  I don’t understand it; I try not to think too hard on the what-fors and the why-hows of it.  I just go with it, and ride the mind blow it gives me as best I can anyway, when it isn’t blowing me completely apart.

This silly little blog girl now finds herself…

 …being recommended to other great authors.  Recommended? 

…invited to join huge blog tours.  Invited? 

…sought out and asked to help introduce new authors, help get their name out there.  Me?

…requested to sit down and do interviews.  My crazy interviews?

…asked to read works in progress… and give my opinion.  My opinion? 

It spins my head, and those are just a few things.  I’m numb from the excitement of things I’m being asked to participate in… so much so… I don’t even know how or what to say about them yet.

All of a sudden “playing blog” has taken on a whole new meaning.  To say I’m flattered doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  I can’t seem to find the words to describe it at all.  My brain locks up and just stutters… “Me?”

I find myself in a daze, totally mind blown.  I feel like I’m dreaming. 

I really do love my blog and this new world it’s opened up for me. 

I really, really do.


  1. Your blog rocks Amara. You have a way about you that is easy, relaxing and funny that makes your blog so much fun, entertaining and special.
    Keep doing just what you do Amara, cuz your blog is awesome!
    I like reading your interviews and reviews. I have bought a couple of books because of your blog.

  2. *blushes* Thanks Jen. You are so sweet.

    I'm so glad you like it all, and it totally rocks my socks to hear that you would buy books because of my silly little blog.

    You're so awesome. You totally just made me smile huge. Thanks =)




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