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Interview: Brita Addams

*Nervously paces around the Place*  Oh, dear.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this.  All those popular books... what if I...

*hears a knock at the door*  Oh no.  She's here... am I ready?  Do I have everything?  Oh... stop it.  You'll do fine.  Why are you so nervous?  Brita's been here stop being silly. You know Brita rocks, settle down.

*regains composure and answers door*

Brita!  Hello!  I am so happy to have you over to the my Place.  Thank you so much for coming by.  Do come in.

Brita Addams, Erotic Historical RomanceThank you Amara for having me. I do love hanging out with you and your group of avid followers.

*Smiles* Oh, aren’t you sweet.  And thank you so very much for that wonderful excerpt and contest!  That was soooo much fun!!

Now, that my dear, was indeed great fun. I do believe my Laurent and Sebastian appreciated lurking while their excerpt was being read. I understand their fangs were bared several times during that week. Hope none of your readers suffered TOO badly.

Several times indeed.  And worry not, my readers are a tough and rather feisty  bunch.  They loved it!

So, sit, sit… there is so much I want to talk to you about, but this time around, I just have to talk to you about this new book of yours, Love Immortal…

This is your first M/M book?

It is my first m/m book, though in Chocolate, Tea and the Duchess, the third book of my Sapphire Club series, I wrote about a ménage, m/m/f, which has been received so well.

I asked for some guidance and some sage advice from your favorite author, Aleks Voinov, on how to write a m/m story so as to make the emotions and the dynamic real and not gratuitous. Aleks is always spot on and I hope readers enjoy the result.

I asked questions and took all his advice to heart. Bought the books he recommended, and read, read, read.

Aleks?  Really?  Impressive.  Well, you definitely went to the one of the best.  Tell me, what made you want to make the switch from M/F to M/M?

 I haven't really switched so much as wrote something I particularly enjoy reading. Presently, I am reading exclusively m/m and don't see that changing anytime soon.

There are few enough historical m/m stories out there and when I find them, I devour them. Can't get enough. My genre is erotic historicals and to create a story set in a time period I love, was all I needed to move me forward with this series.

I love the "every day" relationship between the two men and the emotions between them. Being a rather emotional person myself, I can relate to the myriad feelings people have and Laurent and Sebastian are no different.

Had there been roller coasters in their day, 1820, they would have been in the front car.

I love endearing characters, and these two spoke to me, quite loudly. I will be writing two more books in the Mysterious Moonlight series, taking Laurent and Sebastian into different decades. The second book is over half finished and is a story my daughter suggested to me. The lives in their household changes with the arrival of a daughter.

A daughter?  Interesting.  Honey, these characters just sound delicious, and vampires, Mmmmm, my favorite.   Why vampires this time?

I'm a fan of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, Twilight, sans sparkling and wanted to create characters who were vampires. Their vampirism is really secondary to their relationship or as secondary as it can be. It's there and there is no doubt about it, but the relationship is the most important thing.

And where do you get the ideas for your characters, and how do you come up with those wonderfully sexy names?!

About the ideas, my husband asks me the same thing, in not as polite terms. His question is, "How do you think of sh**?" said in his most loving and admiring voice – really.  Sometimes the ideas find me, in my sleep, and my British muse (a gift from Sir Aleks, the Voinov) sees to it that I am wide awake to receive the info. Other times, I brainstorm with my daughter and husband or with myself (less productive usually).

The story for Love Immortal was given to me by my muse. There were many early, early mornings, before the coffee even perked, banging away at the keyboard, the story unfolding faster than I could type (which is pretty fast. I was a secretary for years for an old fart accountant). LI, as it is lovingly called, fairly wrote itself.
Part two has been a trek, because Le Muse has apparently run out of juice relative to vamps. He's on to several other projects, while Laurent and Sebastian wait patiently at the bedroom door.

I…uh…*laughs*…did you just call Aleks…*laughs more*... *scribbles name down*... that's classic.  Hey... I didn't know you could be gifted a muse.  That's awesome!  There is sooooo much about this stuff I don't understand.  *whines* I want one too.  Uh... sorry, no whining and interrupting during interviews, how very unprofessional of me.  You were saying...

Like that segue to the names? 

*laughs* I do, tell me more...

Well, I read another of Anne Rice's triumphs, her Beauty series. Fabulous story! Anyway, one of the characters was named Laurent and I fell in love with it, so I wrote it down and filed it away, knowing that one day, I'd create a character with that name.

It seemed to fit my main character in Love Immortal. The name Sebastian is a family name. The person who gave me the Mysterious Moonlight name for the series is named Sebastian.

Interesting.  Brita, I have to say, I love the historical setting.  What kind of research do you do for that?

I've read about the Regency period for a long time, as it was a unique period in British history. King George had been declared insane and his son, George, became the Regent. I've read many books on British history, own many as well. I've studied the period clothing, the music, the dances, hairstyles, what food was served at their tables. I've spent a great deal of time studying the language patterns, common phrases and words, even the vulgar ones *winks* or should I say, especially the vulgar ones. 

Whenever you do a story, no matter what time period it is set in, you must do your research. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean you can slap a story together without regard for actual events. For instance, implements used in a time period should be properly described, their purpose clear and accurate. Beeswax candles were not cheap during the Regency and were used by the more affluent, while tallow candles, which smoked and smelled rather bad, were used by the less fortunate.

Little elements like that make a story either real or bogus. A reviewer will be the first to point such shortsightedness out and your readers will not fall far behind. My theory is, if you don't enjoy doing the research, don't write the book.

Oh, I totally agree, the little elements will make or break a historical.  So you did say this is a series, correct?

Yes, it is, the Mysterious Moonlight series.  

I thought so.  And, how many do you have planned?

I plan on three, but you never know. The current thought is that I will take readers on a journey with Laurent Kinsdale and Sebastian FitzHugh, during three different periods in time. Laurent was born in 1620. Love Immortal takes place in 1820. I envision a journey into the 20th century, albeit early 20th century.

Awesome, I love that.  When can we expect to see the next one?

Mmm. I have it more than half written, but other projects keep taking precedence. I am anxious to finish it, as it is a good story. It tests Sebastian and Laurent in ways they weren't used to, when they are called upon to parent an orphan girl, all to protect the secret of their vampirism.

I've loved taking them through their paces with Belle. I patterned her after someone I know quite well (to a limit), no research required on that count!

It's a serious story, but Belle plays a significant part.

I'm hoping to finish it up in the next couple of months and submit it. The third book is out there waiting to be thought through. No bead on that one yet.

I'm sure it will come.  Now, I have to ask you about that cover.  That is simply … divine.  How did that come about?  

Oh, yes, the cover. WELL, I hit pay dirt with that one, not that my other covers are shabby by any means.
I sent in information and pictures to the publisher about how I envisioned the cover. I'd written the book with romance novel cover model Jimmy Thomas in mind as Laurent. I'm very visual, so I always have someone in mind to pattern my characters after.

I wasn't sure if Silver Publishing used Jimmy and honestly didn't know the process by which all that was done. Then one day, Reese Dante, who is the wonderful cover artist over at Silver, emailed me and asked how I would like to have a Jimmy Thomas cover! I was floored to say the least.

Well, after I contemplated it for about ½ a second, I wrote back and said, "Okay, if I have to." LOL. No, I promised the sun, moon and stars to Reese if she would give me a Jimmy cover.

She told me to go to his website ( and look at his stock photos and tell her which ones I liked the best. I found a few, but the clothing was an issue. I needed period clothing, which I told Reese.

She contacted Jimmy, who found some shots he'd not yet uploaded to the sight. With her Photoshop skills, Jimmy got a haircut and the big brass buttons on his coat magically disappeared, giving us the gorgeous hot on the cover.

The other gentlemen, my Sebastian, was also interesting. He came from a stock picture found on one of the many stock photo sites. I have no idea who he is even. Reese took the picture of him that I sent to her, found another photo of a man in period clothing and actually swapped heads. The guy you see was originally in a black t-shirt and jeans.

I'd used that photo as my inspiration for Sebastian and I, of course, wanted to include him, which Reese made possible. The woman is a genius!

Pay dirt indeed!  So…what can we expect to see next from the fabulous Brita Addams? 

Many things, actually, probably too many. LOL I was asked to contribute to an anthology on the Seven Deadly Sins, mine being Vanity (how did they know?). I actually have that piece completed and ready to send in as soon as the other authors are ready.

On January 22, my next book, Splendid Captivity, will be released by Silver. It is a m/m/f ménage, about bad boy Julian, his longtime lover, Nick and their captive, Isabella. Her name, by the way, was my mother's middle name.

That cover is also a Jimmy Thomas cover and the shot was done especially for this cover. Jimmy had some bondage shots on his site, but they were with handcuffs, nice shiny, silver handcuffs. Now, I have nothing against such things, but, though they had handcuffs in 1816, they weren't of our modern variety. Therefore, the bondage scenes in the book take place with the bondee being bound with cloth.

Reese asked Jimmy if he could incorporate such a bondage shot(s) in one of his photo shoots, and being that Jimmy and Reese are good friends, he said sure.

I found out he had actually done the shots on December 4th, the day Jimmy himself visited for a wonderful chat, that sadly, SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, but her initials are Amara Devonte, was late for. Anyway, Reese asked Jimmy about "Brita's bondage shots" and he told her they were done. They are still referred to as "Brita's bondage shots" which tickles me no end!

Then we have No Substitute for Love, which I wrote under Tina Ordone. That will be released in the early part of next year.

Aside from my vampire books, I have several projects planned for the year, that will keep me working very hard to make deadlines.

I'm also very busy with Red Lipstick Journals, an erotic blog I started. There are eight authors of erotic romance, who take turns blogging every day. It's a no holds barred romp. As we like to say – Red Lipstick Journals, where Naughty is Nice. For those who are too busy to keep up with us online, RLJ is available by subscription on Amazon Kindle.

Brita, where do you find the time!  You are crazy busy!  HEY!  Wait… what…did you just…*laughs*… I only missed Jimmy by a few minutes.  Darn it anyway too.  Stupid snow storms, making me miss the hotties.  *sticks tongue out at Brita*  I can’t believe you brought that up…  

*mumbles to self* no sticking tongues out in interviews Amara, control yourself...

*regains some composure* 

Ok, so…where do we find you online?

My writer home is, I am also on Facebook and Twitter. I love visitors, so I invite you all to stop by and visit. Many exciting things happening in Brita Addams' world.

Thank you so much for coming by.  I hope you’ll come back again so I can talk to you at length about your other books.  They look just wonderful!  I simply must know more about all that is Brita!

I would love to come back, my darling. You know a member of your posse will remain faithful to Black Mamba. You always make me feel right at home here. Look over on the side bar there. I see some of my favorite book covers. Santa gave me a beautiful gift card so I can shop to my heart's content for books. What more could a girl ask for.

Have me back when Splendid Captivity comes out in January and we can talk more! I've give you another exclusive on that one too.

I would love that!  I can’t wait to all of this again!  Thanks Violet, um... I mean Brita. *winks*

*walks Brita out*  Thanks again my dear!  *waves*

heehee, that was fun.  Interviews rock!


This just in...

Brita has just informed me that she is going to giveaway a copy of Love Immortal, or any one book from her back list to a lucky commenter!


Thank you Brita, that is full of awesome!

More updates...Spontaneous Giveaway details

Enter to win an ebook copy of Love Immortal, or any one book from Brita Addams' back list.
To enter, just leave a comment on this post.
 If you have already left a comment prior to this update, consider yourself entered, unless you tell me otherwise.
Please include a valid email address.
Contest closes 12 am PST, Friday, January 14th.
Winners will be selected at random.
If a winner doesn’t respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
Contest is open worldwide.  Must be 18 yrs. old or older.


back list titles include:


  1. LOL "Sir Aleks the Voinov." This was cute all around; you're both very amusing ladies :D

  2. @Rachel: LOL, that made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it. :)

    lol, interviews with Amara... not your typical interview. :)

  3. Brita's Love Immortal is Brilliant.. I'm looking forward to the next book... When is it coming out???

    Debbie :O)

    I love this Amara Blog Lady too.. She's Fantastic and Full of Spirit. :O) Funny as hell!!! Thanks for the Smiles..

  4. This is Great!! I'm Way jealous of the Muse!

  5. Hi All,

    I had more fun doing this interview than any I've ever done. Can't wait to have an excuse to come back! Love me some Black Mamba.

    Poor Aleks takes such abuse from the Posse, but we love him. He is and shall ever be, Sir Aleks the Voinov. It is said with the highest regard and I think he knows that. Aleks, if you are lurking, verify that please.

    Funny that you all should think that's funny or that I am in any way. My kids tell me constantly that I have no sense of humor. I tell them "That's really rich, because I laugh at you all the time." Then I get a "Ah, Ma!." Yeah, I've lived my whole life to be called MA! UGH.

    Debbie, January 22 is the date of the release of Splendid Captivity. I have some surprises in that one for you and some background the readers of the Sapphire Club books might appreciate.

    Mia_Love, the muse is overwork and moody. After all this time, months in fact, he still lives on London time, making my sleep patterns really screwy. Love him though.

    Love ya, Amara.

  6. Brita is amazingly talented! I'm happy to rub shoulders with her at a couple of publishers I write and work with! Lover Immortal sounds wonderful, I'm going to snag a copy!

  7. LOL What a Fun Enterview.
    I'm so looking forward to Reading Love Immortal now that I know about it.Sounds Great.

  8. @Debbie: You are so sweet. I'm so happy to see you here! You totally just made me smile reeeeal big =D

    @Mia: Rockin' Muse huh?! I'm jealous too!

    @Brita: We simply must do this again. And when you come back it's going to be great fun! We all totally love Aleks, pretty sure he knows that, but... poking fun is rather...well... fun. heehee.

    @Valerie: Does sound wonderful doesn't it. Now we're going to do another giveaway with it too. And you... are entered!

    @Stacey: Thanks, so very glad you liked it =) Thanks so much for stopping by!

    You guys are all entered now in our Spontaneous Off the Cuff Giveaway. I'll post details later.

    Have a great day everyone!

  9. Great interview! Made me laugh out loud.


  10. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to read the interview until nearly 12 hours later but ladies, you had this girl laughing like crazy, seriously, even the kids wanted to know what was up.

    I have never read an interview that is so intelligent, witty and interesting.

    Thank you Amara for interviewing Brita. I am definitely going to be following Amara's Place from now on.

    *bites n kisses*
    Vampirique Dezire

  11. I've been getting emails all day about this interview. I've re-read it and discovered how fun it really is.

    So happy everyone has stopped by and hope you will continue to check back. Amara is awesome!

    Amara has some interesting things planned in the future. I can't wait to be a part of them.

  12. @Brita: You have? LOL... ME TOO!!! I was so nervous. I always get all nervous with the interviews. We rocked tough my dear! I can't keep up! LOL, seriously!

    I need to update for the giveaway still. I just got home a little bit ago. Bye for now... *runs off*...

  13. Amara and Brita, this was by far the funnest interview i have ever read. Of course with Amara one just knows what to expect a good laugh and an awesome giveaway. And hotties!!! Please enter me in the giveaway contest. Mom wants it LOLOL

  14. Good Morning Valerie, Vampirique, Fred and Amara and everyone,

    Thank you for your kind words. Valerie, I am humbled by your words. Wow!

    My husband has always said I am the best straight man in the business and this interview proves his point completely. Thanks for that Amara. You are a talented lady! All that awesome is most definitely wasted in Tweedleville.

    My kids say I have no sense of humor but then it would be difficult to think so, I suppose, when I spent so much time nagging them when they were growing up.

    What's life with humor, right?

  15. @Monika: Glad you liked it. Thought you may get a laugh or two.

    @Vampirique: Thank you SO much! I'm so glad you liked it, you just made me smile SO big! Thanks for coming by, and welcome to my blog =D

    @Fred: LOL, Hey Fred, How's doin' dude? I'm glad you liked it. You are for sure entered in the giveaway.

    Thanks you guys! I hope you all have a GREAT day!

  16. @Brita: LOL, Good morning. :) And thank you. :) Gotta say, my daughter didn't think I was all that funny while I was nagging her either. But then, I was the "meanest mom in the whole wide world." so... there ya go :)

    And I say... humor is a must in life! A must I tell ya!

    Have a good day dear. :)

  17. hotcha12 said...

    @hotcha12: I got your comment, it was on another post, so I thought I'd move it over here for Brita, and also welcome you to the blog.

    Darn comments are being funny. I have all kinds of hinky going on. Sorry about that. but thanks for stopping by :)

  18. Okay, now we scrap, chickie. I thought I was the Meanest Mom in the Whole, Wide World! Oh, Lord, how many times I heard that one - usually while insisting that,

    "Yes, dear, you must change your underwear,"


    "No, dear, I won't get your dirty clothes from your room."
    "Aw, Ma, why not?"
    "Well, son, light of my life, I fear the pods you must be growing in the pig sty you call a room."

    There was that Christmas time, when he was 17, when he told me to deposit my rather generous monetary gift in a place where the sun doesn't shine. "Fine," I said, "Consider it shoved."

    We did spring for the big pack of socks, some Bic razors and a can of shaving cream, however, figuring to torture him with gifts he could have bought for himself, had he not been so hasty with his comments.

    Hubby decided to torment him, so he wrapped each pair of socks (I suggest each sock, but hubs has a rather soft heart)individually and in different shapes. After the third pair, the sunshine of my life jumped up, and declared, "Alright, guys, this isn't funny!"

    My reply - "An neither is walking around with your money shoved up my ass."

    Ah, the joys of parenthood.

  19. OH, Amara, I forgot. Not only am I giving away one of my books, but, I have a stash of swag (that's apparently author talk for "stuff") as well.

    Anyone wanted a Love Immortal postcard or some Sapphire Club goodies, can email me and I'll be glad to send them out. I'll even sign them if they'd like.

    hotcha12, now that sucks! Reading my books could well heat up Scrooge's nights. Just saying.

    Gotta go fold up Amara's sofa bed and trudge to get some of the coffee. Smells good, dearie. Nice of you to let me stay over this week. Comfy here.

  20. Dying to read Love Immortal now !!!

    You guys are so much fun :)


  21. @Brita: ROTFL! OMG! I was all ready to give you a Black Mamba style "Bring it babe!" and then you made me choke with laughter on my coffee. That story is friggin' hilarious!!!!! I love it! Classic.

    Hey... you have swag? Sweet! Swag rocks!!

    Now, coffee's ready, go grab a cup dear. I'm glad you're finding the Place comfy, I like that :)

  22. @Marisa: LOL, thanks dear. I'm so glad you dropped by. Welcome to my blog :)

    You are now entered in the contest of cool. :)

    Thanks for coming to play :))

  23. Great, giggle worthy interview!

  24. Brita, what an entertaining interview. It's always fun to learn more about you. I wish you endless success and happiness, my friend.


  25. This sounds awesome! I want to read Love Immortal! Please enter me in the contest Amara!

    Awesome interview Amara!

  26. @Lindsay: Thanks! Brita is too much fun. I'm glad you liked it. :)

    @Margie: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Jennifer: Thanks honey. You're entered :))

  27. Loved the interview Amara, Brita is wonderful. Geez I wish I could photoshop a pic of one of those hot models in a pic with me LOL!!
    Pleae enter me in the Love Immortal giveaway:)

  28. I vote we haul the whole Red Lipstick Journal crew over here and rock this place some Saturday night. What do you say, Amara?

    Margie Church

  29. Hi Carmel. Thank you for your sweet words. Yes the hot models, especially the one on the right.

    That my friends, is Jimmy Thomas and moi, me, little old Brita Addams, got off the phone with him (or is it from him) just a mere couple of hours ago. We were talking about come covers that are coming up AND

    A wonderful interview he's doing on February 5th at the Red Lipstick Journals site. No holds barred interview. Hope you will all come by AND

    Amara please have us all over VERY SOON. Margie is right, we will rock this magnificent place and we'd love to be invited. Watch us though, we do tend to invite ourselves, right Margie?

  30. @Carmel: Thank you :) Brita rocks doesn't she. You're in dear. Thanks for stopping by. :))

    BTW: If you ever figure out how to photoshop that... do me too K? :))

    @Margie: All ready in the works my dear. Scarlet and I have already talked about it. Well... sort of. But, oh yeah... The whole crew would awesome!

    I'm so glad you like the interview that much! That totally has me grinning from ear to ear right now! Thanks soooo much =D

  31. @Brita: Oh, hey there. You must have been posting at the same time I was. Didn't see you there.

    We totally will. We will ROCK this place to it's knees!!!!

    Let me get myself wrapped around the blog tour hun, and then... let the rockin' commence!

  32. *pounces* Great interview! That was SO fun to read!

  33. Can't wait to read this. Great interview. Keep them coming

  34. Amazing, Brita this is why you are such an inspiration. You keep me writing. A celebrity in our midst! I am looking forward to an adventurous 2011 at the Red Lipstick Journals. Best of luck in all you do! You are Gold.


  35. @Dena: LOL, I'm SO glad you think so. :)) Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog.

    @Christy: Thanks, there is more to come for sure. :)

    @Amy: She is isn't she. One of the best. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  36. Good afternoon, lovely people,

    My fellow Red Lipstick ladies, Margie, Dena and Amy have dropped by to size up the comfy digs, in advance of our group interview. Amara, I think you might have to drag in that pit arrangement I saw stashed in your garage (don't ask why I was snooping, it's what I do)*blushes*

    Amy, I don't know what to say! Thank you, love.

    Dena, Christy, Carmel, I'm so happy you stopped by. Ya'll make me feel good!

    Been in the writing cave all morning, got out some good words I think, after I trashed the original story and started over. This one is for the Red Lipstick Journals anthology we are doing in Feb/March. Dena, Kharisma, Keta, Blak and moi. There will be Jimmy Thomas covers and everything. Stay tuned for that one.

    Amara, this drawing is going to be a fun one, huh?

  37. Lol. Omg, Amara and Brita, thank you both for giving me such a good laugh. I definitely needed it :D

    Really great interview ;-)

  38. @Brita: You yeah darlin'. This one's just too darn much fun! I can't wait to do this again. Can.Not.Wait!!!!

    @Nikyta: LOL, you are so very welcome. I'm SO very glad you enjoyed it. =D

  39. The giveaway's closed. Thanks everyone for playing. =)

  40. Thankyou Amara & Brita!! So excited at winning one of your creations, Brita!!!

  41. Carmel, Please email me at and tell me what you want to read and I will get it right to you.

    Thank you Amara, for a lovely contest. Such great comments and great fun as well.

    Luv you all,

  42. @Carmel: You’re most welcome dear. Thank you for coming to play :)

    @Brita: You’re very welcome my dear. Thank you so very much. I can’t wait to do it again!



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