Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Mayhem: The coming coolness

Monday already.  Where do these weekends go?  I never seem to accomplish what I set out too anymore.  Hm.  I need to look into that.

Regardless, time waits for no man, or, in this case, woman.

I am just busy as a little bee over here at my Place.  Much much MUCH to do and to tell you about.  But before I tell you of the upcoming awesome, let me first remind you about last weeks awesome...

Don't miss out on the giveaway of A Beautiful Silence by Lee Brazil with a nice long excerpt, you have until midnight tomorrow to enter for that one.

Also, the interview of awesome with Brita Addams and her giveaway of a copy of Love Immortal or any book off her back list.  You have until the 14th at midnight PST to enter that one.

Both are also linked over there on the sidebar for you're convenience of transport, along with a sweet giveaway over at my friend Sweet's blog.  All very cool.

This week, aside from announcing winner from those, you can pretty much expect a whole lot of willy nilly.  This silly little blog girl is absolutely swamped with much behind the scenes coolness so I can bring you on the blog awesome.  I'm working on many interviews, more giveaways, and...and... my head is spinning.

The biggest, and the bestest thing I'm working on is...*drum roll*... the blog tour of awesome.  Oh yeah, the blog tour of awesome.

heehee, I've never been invited to participate in a blog tour before.  This is like... huge!  Friggin' awesome!  And...and...and...HUGE!!!!!

Yeah, um... sorry.  I'm a little excited.

The book itself is Anchored:  Belonging (Book 1) by Rachel Haimowitz, it comes out January 17th.

However, begining January 14th, and running thru January 23rd, 21 blogs big, will be the Anchored release party blog tour.  There will be nothing but coolness going on.  Complete with prizes of books and swag.

Here at my little ol' Place, I've been invited to play too.  My stop on the tour will be January 20th, and I will be posting my review of the book, and having a round table style sit down with 4 of the characters, all Amara style, which of course means, we have no real clue what's going to happen.  I've never interviewed a character before, let alone 4 of them.  If I'm not mistaken, you will all get to participate as well, and ask them all questions too.  Um... I think.

I will also be raffling off goodies.  Goodies such as a swag bag containing one larger item (hat, t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, notebook, tote bag, etc.) and a bunch of smaller items (magnets, bookmarks, cover flats, etc.) featuring the cover art of Anchored and Counterpoint.  

Cool huh?  And...that's not all.  I also get to raffling off a free copy of Counterpoint: Book I of Song of the Fallen, courtesy of Guiltless Pleasure Publishing -or- a free copy of Sublime: Collected Shorts.

For more complete tour information, click the newspaper ad of coolness to be transported over to Rachel's site.  She's got all the info for all the stops posted there.

No pleasure slave, no service.

Whew.  Yeah.  Here's me...busy as a little bee.

So while I'm getting all ready for that uber awesome, yeah, expect lots of the willy and the nilly this week.  I'll update you on the rest of the coolness that has my head completely spinning another time.

For now, I'm outta here.

Later taters



  1. WOO-HOO!!!! Go Amara GO!!!!!! This blog tour is going to be so awesome!! You are coming up in the blogging world and I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! *HAPPY DANCE WITH AMARA!!*
    *BIG HUGS!!*

  2. @Jen: heehee...thanks. WhooWhoo!!!! It IS going to be awesome isn't it?! I'm soooooooo excited I can barely contain myself. heehee... Iz gonna be fun.



  3. I am sOoooooo excited about this blog tour and you being on it makes it even cooler!!!

    Thanks for the mention ;)

  4. @Sweet: Good morning dear. This tour is going to rock so tough... I don't know that I've seen one this cool. heehee, and thanks. I really am so darn excited, I think my dancing is going to hurt a little.

    And you are most welcome. I'm throwing you're little goody around my other places too. I love your contests, they totally rock, as does your blog =)



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