Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Very First Valentine's Day Contest Winner!

We have a winner!  SahWEEEET (<---sings that part)

I have to say, I not only love to play blog, meet authors, sling da books, introduce new authors to everyone... and all that jazz, I also love... giveaways.  They are way too much fun to me.  The whole thing just makes me almost giddy.

Giddy is so un-Mamba, so let's not let that one get out.  I have a reputation to uphold.

But... it is true.

Wanna know the best part?  This part.  I love Love LOVE giving someone a book. Way to fun.

So, without further ado...

The answer to the questions was... Chocolate.  Which.... everyone got.  Nicely done guys.

And the winner of my very first ever Valentine's Day contest is...

*drum roll*


Jennifer... come on down babe.  You have a book to pick out.... or, a few, or... many... depending on what you want.

You can find the original list by clicking that contest graphic goody.

I'll shoot you an email, shoot me one back and let me know what tickles your fancy.

Congrats!  And thanks so much for playing with me for my first ever Valentine's Day giveaway!

heehee, that was fun.


Winner was picked using


    Me? The winner is me??? *SNOOPY DANCE!*

    I would love the m/m book by Carol Lynne!! *spinning and giggling* ....... *flail... crash!* *looks around... picks self off floor....* ok, no one saw that.....

    Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE your blog?? I check it at least once a day to see what goodies you are reviewing and excerpting.
    =) =) =) =)

  2. Well hey there! Yes mam, the winner is you. =D

    LOL, You have mentioned it once or twice, gotta tell you, you can go right ahead and mention it allllll you want. Just sayin' ;)

    I'm soooo glad you're so excited! That totally makes me smile HUGE! Congrats dear. I hope you enjoy the book.



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