Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Release & Excerpt: Love Revisited by Barbara Sheridan

Awesome possum!  A new "Naughty Nibble" over at Noble Romance from Barbara Sheridan, featuring Tetsuji and Nick from Such a Good Boy.  AweS0000ME (<---sings that part)

If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out Tetsuji and Nick, you're missing out.  And, yaaaay, Noble has it for 1/2 off right now.  Bonus that!  That bit of sweetness you can find here.

And now, I give you a little sampling of the new naughty nibble...

Enjoy ;)

Publisher:Noble Romance Publishing Love Revisited series --
Genre: GLBT Multicultural Erotic, May/December
Length: Short Story

The Blurb:  Tetsuji Nabeshima is every bit his father's son in terms of attractiveness and determination. Set to graduate at the top of his law school class, qualifying early for--and passing--the New York bar exam, the Japanese transplant's career star is on the rise.

Yet one thing holds him back, the mad crush he's developed for his mentor and boss, Nick Denison, his father's best friend.



Tetsuji Nabeshima muttered, "Thanks," and slid into the elevator just before the doors closed. He clutched the heavy law book he carried to his chest with one hand and pulled his cell phone from the breast pocket of his suit with the other.

 "Hey, Nick, I guess I missed you. I found that case I told you about. I'm bringing up the book now, and I'll leave it for you to check out when you get the chance."

 The elevator stopped, two people got out, and it continued up.

 "So, how many dicks did you have to suck to become the Golden Boy?"

 Tetsu spun around to face his disgruntled fellow law student. "What's your problem, Fleming?"

 "You. This goddamned firm. All of it."

The elevator stopped, Tetsu stepped forward to leave, but the irritated young man grabbed the back of his jacket, stopping him from exiting. Tetsu jerked away and spun to face his annoying colleague.

"They're all a bunch of cocksucking nepotists, and they think you're the shit now because you sat early for the bar; they won't always feel that way."

Someone outside the elevator cleared his throat.

Fleming paled, and Tetsu glanced back, over his shoulder, to see one of the firm's managing partners, Nicholas Denison.

Nick lowered his sunglasses enough to give Fleming a scathing look. "Don't you have memos to file or associate billable hours to input?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then do it. Now."

Fleming lowered his head and scurried out like a bug hit with a spotlight. Nick continued to hold the door. 

"You found a precedent for me?"

Tetsu smiled. "Yeah. I'll leave it on your desk, okay?"


Nick's voice rang out, and Fleming stopped dead halfway down the long corridor. He turned slowly, looking like he was about to shit his pants, and scurried back.

"Yes sir?"

Nick took the book from Tetsu and handed it to Fleming. "Put this is my office." He chuckled and stepped inside the elevator, motioning for Tetsu to join him.

Tetsuji backed in, ignoring the venomous look from the other law clerk.

Doors closed, Nick leaned against the back wall, his arms folded across his chest, his smile dazzling in the florescent light. "Fleming is such an obnoxious little prick. Stupid, too. That's why he wasn't offered a position after graduation."

Tetsu tried not to smile. "Where are we going?"

"Court. ADA Melville is calling his star witness in the Bergen case. You can watch me kick some prosecutorial ass."


 * * * * *

Kicking prosecutorial ass is exactly what Nick Denison did. Tetsu loved watching Nick in court and had from the first day he moved to America. Nick became a different person when he sat at the defense table. Of course, he was smart and confident and authoritative on an everyday basis, but in court, Nick was the essence of The Man. Everything about him screamed, I'm in control. My words carry weight. This is the way it is.

The prosecution witness shifted nervously on the stand. Nick took one last look at the file on the defense table and stood, removing his reading glasses with all the care of an origami artist before setting them aside.

"You mentioned before you have never been convicted of a felony."

"That's right."

"You know Jenny Sanderson, correct?"

"Yes, of course. We do work for the same accounting firm."

"But you knew her prior to your taking that typist position, didn't you?"

"Sort of, we went to school together for a while."

Nick walked back to his table, picked up his glasses, glanced at his notes. "Was that Grantly College in New Jersey?" He removed the glasses, went back toward the witness stand. "You roomed together your freshman year, did you not? And Jenny Sanderson—Jenny Baker then—reported that you were dealing drugs from your dorm room, didn't she?"

The witness paled. "My record's been expunged."

"Before your record was expunged, you were expelled and barred from nursing school because of that drug conviction, weren't you?"

"It was my boyfriend's stuff. No one believed me."

"You just happened not to notice? I understand. You have blamed Jenny Sanderson all these years, though, haven't you? You've seethed, haven't you? Then you became a typist at her firm and had to call her ma'am, and she rubbed your nose in it by being nice to you, didn't she? She had the unmitigated gall to take you out to lunch, didn't she? So then, you thought of a way to get back at her, didn't you? Isn't that the real reason you told the police you saw her amending computer records to embezzle funds?"



"Sustained," the judge said, effectively ending Nick's questioning.

The prosecutor's shout broke the tension like a snapped elastic band, but Tetsu knew it was too little too late. Nick had the jury entranced.

"No more questions for this witness," Nick said lightly before returning to his seat.

Tetsu coughed into his fist in order to suppress his smile. Damn, Nick was good. The prosecutor tried to clarify and bolster his witness's original statement to the police, but the damage to her credibility had been done. The case went to the jury a short time later, and they delivered their verdict within the hour. 

As the jury reentered the courtroom, Tetsu studied their faces the way Nick taught him to when he first started law school. More than half of the jurors looked the defendant straight in the face, their body language indicating they'd voted in her favor. Still, there was always the chance he was reading them wrong, and he sat stiffly while the jury foreman rambled through the standard legalese, until he came to the verdict.

 "Not guilty."


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this one. :)

  2. Thanks for the excert.... I went and bought these 2 books and one other from Noble.... can't beat the discount going on!
    I love your blog and am looking forward to your valentines day contest announcement....

  3. *waves* Hey Jen! Really? You... are sooooo awesome! You just put the biggest smile on my face. You rock, just sayin'

    Hope you're having a good evening dear. =)

  4. *waves back* Hey Amara! Yes, really! I am glad I put the biggest smile on your face... looks good there, you should smile like that more often. Nah, it is your blog that rocks!
    My evening is full of boring Marx and his various theories on things.... *sigh* would so rather read my new stories.

    Have a great night!! *hugs!*



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