Friday, February 18, 2011

HUGE Giveaway: New Release ~ Entangled Trio by Cat Grant

Um...yeah... I am a little too excited about this for my own good I think.  I snoopy danced all day yesterday until I think I pulled something.

*mutters*...seriously silly blog girl... you have to calm down.

Okay...for your Valentine's week viewing enjoyment here at my Place, I have a new release, complete with hot little excerpt... and a huge...huge...HUGE giveaway.  Hugeamus!

So I ask you... how's this for a totally spontaneous, no clue what I'm doing, new release contest of the uber awesome...?

Leave me a comment and be entered into Cat Grant's giveaway of a copy of her new release, Entangled Trio, as well as one book of the winner's choice from her back list.  Oh yeah, that's right, the winner gets...both.  But, wait... it gets better...

For this new release contest of awesome, we'll be picking not 1, not 2... but 5, count them... 5 ... winners ...*scratches head*...can that be right?... *goes back to check with Cat*...

OMGWOW... yeah... 5 lucky commenters will be picked for this bad boy.

WhooWhoo...*snoopy dances*... oh yeah... *snoopy dances some more*... crap, I think I'm hyperventilating.

Ok... now the details.  Basically, just leave me a comment, but please include your email address so I know how to find you.  Fine print is at the bottom of the post.  Contest closes Monday night, February 21st, 11:30pm, PST.  You can find the back list choices on her website, here... .  I was going to list them for you, but.. yeah... there's too many.

How friggin' awesome is that?!  AweS000000ME (<---sings that part)

Ok, enough with my blabbering.  Check out this awesome book goodness, and the special excerpt of hotness.


Entangled Trio by Cat Grant

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Date:  February 18, 2011

The Blurb:  Renowned mezzo-soprano Colette DuPlessis is carrying on a torrid affair with her costar, handsome young tenor David Lewis. David wants Colette as more than just a short-term fling, but she must return home to Paris-and her husband, conductor Aleksandr Petrovsky.

Though she and Aleks have an open marriage, Colette vows never to see David again. But when her new costar cancels right before opening night, she has no choice but to suggest David as a replacement.

It doesn't take long before Aleks notices the amazing chemistry sizzling between David and his wife-and realizes he's attracted to the gorgeous young singer himself. He and Colette quickly make it their mission to seduce him. The three of them explore the far reaches of pain and pleasure. But Colette and David soon learn they must guard their hearts closely, or risk losing themselves within this entangled trio.

Reader Advisory: This hot little number contains rougher-than-average sex. We'd never spoil the fun, so we'll just say "fist" and let your imagination go with that.


Poor David had such a slack-jawed, astounded look on his face. It was hilarious, and absolutely delicious. Aleks strolled to the piano bench and sat down slowly, savoring the fresh lust in Colette’s eyes-not to mention David’s obvious discomfort, now tenting the front of his towel.

“Don’t be so amazed,” Aleks said finally. “She had my permission to fuck you in San Francisco, you know.”

“No, I didn’t,” David snapped, his gaze flicking from Aleks back to Colette. “Not at the time, anyway.”

“Well, now you do. And if in fact you still want my wife-as I can see you do-feel free to have her, with my compliments.”

Now he looked as if he were about to choke. “Oh, really? Just like that?”

“With a caveat or two.” Aleks waited for that to sink in. “First, I want to be in the room when it happens.”

He didn’t think David’s eyes could get much wider, but they did. “Now I know you’re joking.”

“Not at all. I’ve never seen her get fucked by another man, and frankly, I’d like to. I want to see if someone else can bring her to the same level of ecstasy I can.”

“You’re crazy. Both of you!”

“Don’t judge, David,” Colette purred, stroking his face. “Who knows? You might enjoy it.”

It was such an amusing treat, watching the wheels turn in his head. Watching him squirm as Colette teased him, wriggling in his lap. Now he glared at her. “That’s why you’ve been teasing me all evening. Trying to get me so turned-on, I wouldn’t dream of saying no.”

“Looks as if it’s working.” Colette smiled and lifted herself up, yanking away his towel. David’s erection sprang forth like a toy surprise, the tip smeared with shiny, sticky moisture. Aleks’ mouth watered, desperate for a taste.

All she had to do was sit back down, and he’d be inside her. David must have realized it too, because he grabbed her waist with both hands to keep her from doing just that. “I-I don’t have anythingŠ”

“Ah, don’t worry, mon cheri. I do.” Fumbling in the pocket of her robe, she pulled out a shiny silver packet and tore it open with her teeth. “You want this, don’t you? Tell me.”

A soft, ragged breath, a flutter of his eyelids, a flick of his glance at Aleks, then back at Colette. A tiny nod. “Y-Yes. God, yes.”


The fine details...
  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post.
  • Please include a valid email address.
  • Contest closes 11:30PM PST, February 21st, 2011
  • Winners will be selected at random.
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
  • Contest is open worldwide.  
  • Must be 18 yrs. old or older.

And there you have it.  The Giveaway of awesome!

Thank you soooooo much for coming to play blog with me Cat.  This.Just.ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Later all you taters ;)


I decided to just include the list of Cat's back list books, just because... I don't know why.  Just Because =D
Click the link for more info on those jewels.

  • Appearing Nightly
  • Sonata Appassionata
  • The First Real Thing
  • Allegro Vivace
  • Triad
  • Complications
  • By Chance
  • Strictly Business
  • The Arrangement
Later taters... again. 

I've been told a couple of people have had trouble leaving a comment.  OH NO!  Blogger fail!!!

If you have any trouble posting comments, just send me an email and I'll enter you that way.

amora @ amorasplace (dot) com


  1. Okay this is too cool and count me in please:-)
    Thank you...Leaundra

  2. Good morning Leaundra. heehee, it is cool isn't it, I'm so glad you like it =)

    Consider yourself counted in my dear.

    Have a great day!

  3. WOO-HOOO!!!!! This is AWWeeSoOOOmmMEEEE <------sings that off-key very badly.

    Enter me in PLEASE!!!! This excerpt is mucho caliente and delicioso!!!!!!!

  4. After ready that teaser I need to read more it really peaked my interest ( )

  5. @Jen: I'm still singin'! You're in dear. =)

    @Denise: I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks so much for coming by to play giveaway with us. =)

    Have a great day!

  6. Sign me up please. Sounds really good.

  7. Great contest! I just saw this release from EC and it looks good. Count me in!

  8. So cool! Count me in too!!!

  9. If you keep this up, you WILL have THE BEST book blog. Ubber Fantabulous!

    I'm in!

    waayyyy over 18......snicker

    "Old enough to know better
    Young enough. Not. To. Care."

  10. @peskyanimal: You're signed up :)

    @Heather: Thanks, Cat rocked it tough! You're in :)

    Rho: Awesome. YOu're in too :)

  11. @Artemis: heehee thanks dear =D You rock! I'm sooo glad you like it! You totally just made my day.

    And yes darlin'... you're in.

  12. Wow! This is so super dubber menage style awesome! Please count me in too too too :D

    Thanks! Miranda
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  13. This sounds great. Please count me in.

    forwhlz at gmail dot com

  14. That taste was all I need, I now have to get this book. Your books are like Chocolate, one bite is never enough.

  15. @Sweet: You're in dear.

    @Sandy Jay: You're in too.

    @Rebecca: And you're in as well.

    Thanks for stopping by you guys. =)

  16. w00t w00t! Definitely count me in! This looks awesome!

    authornicolehicks at gmail dot com

  17. @Nicole: You're in! And thanks for the share my dear.

    Oh, and... :P

  18. OOOOH Count me in too pleeeeeease!

  19. Yeah . . . figures I'd be following on Mags heels . . . hee hee
    Count me in my precious, purty please.
    Havanfellowsymailcom <------ really imaginative email address right . . . *face palm*

  20. Thanks Amara for giving us a chance to win one of Cat's books- this one sounds like it's sizzling, think I need to take a cold shower right now!!

  21. You're a sweetie, Amara! Thanks for hosting my giveaway. :)

  22. @Margie: You're counted in my dear. :) Thanks for coming by :))

    @Havan: LOL, you're in darlin'.

    @Carmel: You're so very welcome. This one is going to be goooooood. =) Thanks for dropping by :)

    @Cat: Awwww, thank you. And thank you double for the opportunity to host it. I'm still just grinning ear to ear over it. =D And congrats again on the release!

  23. I can't wait to read this. This is my favorite kind of menage. I just hope everyone has a happy ending.

  24. *waves* Hi Portia. I just started this one last night... It's gooood.

    Thanks you dropping by my dear. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  25. *bouncing with excitement* I went on a Cat Grant book buying spree a couple of weeks back because they look sooooo AWESOME! Would love a chance to win more:) Did I mention this one looks completely yummy?!! ;)

  26. Hi Amara, Count me in too, this looks like a great read.

  27. Ohh, she sounds wonderfully evil, hehe. Looks like a fun book. I haven't read anything by Cat yet, but I have seen a couple at ARe that I wanted to get (The First Real Thing & Appearing Nightly) but ARe jacks up the price for Ellora's and I get distracted by shiny and forget to go to Ellora's and grab them! Damn shiny! Please toss my name in the hat! (and feel free to pick it out too! Hehe)



  28. order to be entered in the contest we must be 18 years or older, BUT we don't have to act older, right? ;-)

    Sounds like a fantastic book. I'm gone plundering around her site now. That never ends well for my checkbook.


  29. @Wendy: Hi there. lol, I'm bouncing too. :) Thanks for stopping by and entering. :))

    @Comfort: Heya. Thanks for stopping by, you're counted.

    @Brandi: I knew you'd want in on this bad boy. consider you're name tossed in my dear.

    @Gracen: *waves* Hey there. Thanks for coming by. Absolutely do NOT have to act older.

    Thanks for coming by to play giveaway with us you guys!


  30. I want to win a copy of Entangled Trio by Cat Grant... A YUMMY Menage is my favorite... I would love to win a New Release by Cat...


  31. @Debbie: Hey there darlin'. You're in =) Thanks for coming by! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  32. Mom would like this a lot, I know she would!! Even I think it looks awesome *meow* *purrs*

  33. Oh Man! Another book I have to have! There are too many books I found on Cat's site that also are on my my have list now that I've found them ;) Thanks for offering this contest!!!

    tigerblossoms (at) hotmail dot com

  34. Just wanted to say - all this unabashed squeeing is sure good for my ego! Thank you all so much! *blushes*

  35. Hi, Amara: Please enter me into the contest for "Entangled Trio". If I may, the other book I would like from the back list is "The First Real Thing". Thank you, Lea Walker

  36. @Fred: You're in my dear. =)

    @Tt: You're welcome darlin'. I'm so glad you came by to play giveaway with me. =)

    @Lea: I'm glad that finally worked for you, I was going to enter you from the tweet too since it was being all hinky. Thanks for coming by. =)

    @Cat: lol, I'm so glad! That's awesome! But I still have to insist on thanking you for the giveaway of the awesome. This totally rocks. =D

  37. ohhh, how did I miss entering this - I would love to win, puleeze!

  38. @DD: Lol, you didn't miss a thing. You're counted in too. Thanks for stopping by =)

  39. Contest closed

    Thanks everyone for coming by to play giveaway. I soooo love to play giveaway you know.

    And thanks again Cat for letting me host your awesome new release giveaway. And congrats as well!




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