Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick and tired...

Darn it anyway, I had sooooo many cool things I wanted to do this week on the blog, and wouldn't you know it, the Tweedle Twins have coughed all over me and gotten me sick.

Friggin' Tweedles.

I had excerpts I wanted to post from some books I won, new awesome online sites to share with you, new authors to tell you about... the list goes on.  By the time I get home from Tweedleville... I'm about falling flat on my face instead.

Friggin' Tweedles.

All I've really managed to accomplish blog wise was my Valentine's Day Giveaway post.  I did manage to post a couple of other contests over on the sidebar you'll want to check out.  They will live over there for a bit.  The first one is over at my friend Sweet's place...

the other is a big giveaway from Noble Romance...

Both of those are filled with awesome, you don't want to miss those.

The rest of my planned goodies are going to have to wait, as I'm all night time cold medicated and off to bed... again.  Oh...wait...let's have a hottie first.  There's always time for a hottie...

...yeah... that'll do.

Now I'm off to bed... again.

Later taters!


  1. Onoes! Get well soon, m'dear. Would it help if I abused a hot guy for you? Because I may or may not have just written the scene where Ayden's magic gets bound . . .

  2. @luciatea: Thanks dear :)

    @Rachel: Thanks hun. You know, it would help. That happens to be just what the doctor ordered. Right here on my prescription... it even says so! You are a lifesaver. :)

  3. Tug that hottie into bed with you, honey. He is sure to make you feel better all snuggled tight in his arms. :D

    Thanks for the mention too!

  4. @Sweet: Oh yeah, he fixed me right up. ;)

    You're most welcome my dear. Right back atch'ya :D



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