Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We have the winners!

WhooWhoo... it's time to announce the winners!  This is sooooo my favorite part, the giving away of the books of awesome.


So, for the Amara's Place Giveaway of Awesome (oh yeah, I'm still calling it that) Tristan and I have chosen 5 lucky commenter's at random to win a copy of Cat Grant's new release Entangled Trio, as well as their choice of one book from her back list.

Tristan... envelope please...

Tristan? ... *looks around* ...

Friggin' Tristan...

"yes m'lady?"

*shakes head*... there you are.  Tristan... do you have the envelope?

"yes, m'lady."

Tristan... may I have the envelope...

"yes, m'lady."

What's with the m'lady?  Give me that... *grabs envelope*... *mumbles to self*... I should have gotten Bond again.  Friggin' Tristan, driving me crazy.

*clears throat*

*opens envelope*...

And the winners are... *drum roll*...

#6... Rho
#20... Debbie Laurie
#9... Sandy Jay
#17... Comfort
#19... Gracen Miller

Congratulations everyone.

Thanks to everyone who came by to play.  Now I'm outta here to go fire off some congratulatory emails...and  to put a whupin' on ol' Tristan there.

Later taters

Winners chosen using Random.org


  1. Congrats to everyone who won...Whoot whoot!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Happy Reading to the Winners!

    Amara, play nice with Tristan.

  4. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it... WooHoo.. Spin Twirl and Dip!!! YAY!!!! Thank you Amara... xoxoxoxo Everybody get out on the dance floor... ** dance dance dance**

    I love my friend Mamba she's the best!!!
    Luv, Debbie

    **Please tell Tristan to be nice or I'll tie him up with LICORICE.. :O)

  5. @Artemis: Ha! Don't wanna. It's the whips for him tonight! >:D

  6. @Debbie: And you are just making me smile so big it hurts a little. I am Mamba. I'm suppose to growl, not smile this big. It's hard to growl when I'm smiling you know. ;)

    I'm so glad you're so happy! *happy dances with Debbie*

    Tristan is a bad boy. He needs tied up. And the whip too. Hmmm. wait... licorice... whips, now there's a tasty idea. Aaaaand now I want licorice whips. Red ones, their my favorite. =D

  7. I won! I won! I won! I never win...this is soooooo awesome!

    Can Tristan party with me? *does a growly purr at him* ;-)

    Thanks so much Amara & Tristan!

  8. Congrats to the winners! Hey Amara . . . if you need any help with Tristan . . . *holds up my infamous bag* . . . just saying sweetie . . . *sidles up to Amara and lovey's on her*



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