Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Mayhem: A hodge podge of willy nilly awesomeness

Hallo my sunshines.

This week, we are full of all kinds of mayhem.  Oh yeah, it's true.  We'll start with my hot muse...  *looks around* ... where'd he go...

Ahhhh, there he is...

Mmmmmm, how much do I like him...

vera, vera, VERA much.

Yeah... moving on before I start drooling on my keyboard.

This week is looking like it's shaping up to be a hodge podge of willy nilly. We are scheduleLESS.  I can tell you, I'm working on putting together a whole slew of giveaways again, so stay tuned for those.  They are going to rock, and rock TOUGH!

One of them is going to be ...The Showdown giveaways.  

Rachel Haimowitz and Kari Gregg are both up for Best Erotic Romance (Non Traditional Lifestyle) of 2010 over at The Romance Reviews.  I have been watching these two for days now as they battle it out, and absolutely cracking up.  A better showdown I'm not sure I've seen out here, and... it's coming to my little corner of the internet with a giveaway for each.  

I promise... you don't want to miss that.

It's also Read an eBook Week, and I've been hunting around for ebook goodies to share. I've started coming across all kinds of cool things, it seems each day has new treasures all over the place.  As I find the awesome, I'll post and share, so keep an eye on the Place, no telling what I'll find while out on the hunt.

So far, I've found these little gems...

Michelle 'n Jeff Reviews blog anniversary giveaways.  They've got a whole slew of coolness going on, I believe they end Wednesday the 9th, Midnight EST.  You totally don't want to miss out that.

There is also huge giveaways and fun happening over at The Romance Reviews grand opening celebration. That baby is running all through March.

Silver Publishing is celebrating the week... "Make a purchase during eBook Week and automatically stand a chance to win a Kindle eReader.  Purchase a New or Coming Soon release and receive 30% off any of our backlist titles."

Smashwords is also celebrating the week with all kinds of discounts, and Rachel Haimowitz has her book Sublime: Collected Shorts at 25% off with the coupon code RAE25

And that's it for me... for now.  As I hunt around for giveaways, freebies, and deals... I'll keep you posted.

Have a great day!

Later taters


  1. Kari's got my Vote!!!!!! Lovely Wicked sounds just Sinful... I Love It..... A Hot Menage is Puurrrrfect!!!! :-)

  2. @Lily: You're welcome m'dear. :)

    @Debbie: I thought you'd like that. When I read the excerpt she sent, I was going to come recommend it to you. :)



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