Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read an eBook Week goodies

Well, I have been looking high and low for some nifty Read an eBook goodies to share this week and have come across all kinds of goodies.

First up, me of course, it is my blog of course, so that makes me #1.  Don’t forget to check out the Showdown giveaways here at my Place for


I’ve received a couple of emails this week asking me if it was ok to enter both giveaways, and yessiree, it sure is.  The giveaways are most definitely NOT an either/or situation, and are totally separate from the Best Erotic Romance (Non Traditional Lifestyle) 2010 vote over at The Romance Reviews website.  As far as the giveaways... the more the merrier over here at my place.

Out and about, I’ve found these little gems for ya’ll…

Over at Rachel Haimowitz’s blog, I lifted this little goodie that you totally don't want to miss out on…

“And for this week only, if you purchaseCounterpoint: Book I of Song of the Fallen in print or ebook directly from the publisher using THIS LINK, and then email the account name you used to purchase the book to metarachel (at) gmail (dot) com, I'll send you an ebook copy of Sublime for free. (You must use the link provided above, or I won't be able to see that you've purchased the book.) Already have a copy? No worries; I'm happy to gift it to the recipient of your choosing.”

Over on Bryl Tyne’s blog, I lifted this one…

“…So now through March 30th, when you purchase my latest Zagzagel Diaries: BROKEN at the regular price, you get any and all of my other titles for 40% OFF!”

There’s also a list of other authors that are included in the special, so head over to Bryl’s blog and check it out.

Nobel Romance is having a ½ off sale for all their BDSM books, you can find the catalog for that here.  I saw Brita Addams, Barbara Sheridan and several other gems included in that deal.  Sweet.

A couple more freebies and giveaways you may be interested in, both m/m…

Erotica for All...   "In honour of Read an eBook Week, Jyles Whitlock has kindly offered copies of his book, Getting Pulled, to anyone that sends him a request." 

Cornelia Grey... "My first book, The Mercenary, is out today - read a snippet & comment to win a free copy!" 

Then there is…

Choose from eight free eBooks to help celebrate Read an eBook Week!

And a big whopper of a celebration, including a whole slew of books and 5 ereaders over at Beyond Her Book.  Very cool that.

That’s all for me, for now anyway.  I’m hoping to put together at least one more eBook giveaway this week, but at this point, I promise nothing.  My week got a bit screwy and I’m a tad over loaded as well.  Bummer that.  But… we’ll see.

Hope you all have a great day!

Later taters


  1. Thanks for all the links! :D And happy Thursday!


  2. What a shame.... I want to order Rachel's book, but I won't... I refuse to use paypal. Is there anywhere else I can order it from that does not use paypal?

    Your blog is a rockin' Amara! Thanks for all the links! =)

  3. @Sweet: Hi Sweet! You're welcome m'dear. Happy Thursday right back atch'ya :)

    @Jen: No likey da paypal? There's all kinds of places, I'll find you some links, I know it's over at allromance for sure. And I'm giving it away as well, so could be a freebie to you darlin'.

  4. @Jennifer: Thanks kindly for your interest! :D If you're looking at the buy-Counterpoint-get-Sublime-free special, you can use a credit card at Guiltless Pleasure Publishing to get Counterpoint. You don't need a paypal account for that; paypal is just the publisher's credit card processor. (When you go to check out, you'll get kicked to a paypal screen, but you can enter your info without logging in.)

    It's also available at (as are Anchored and Sublime, if you were referring to one of those instead), but the free book deal is only with Guiltless Pleasure, I'm afraid.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. Thanks Rachel! I should totally not try to read, or respond, to anything before I've had my coffee in the morning. Which is what I did this morning before rushing out the door... late for work again. lol, it's a gift.

    I totally had Anchored on the brain... fuzzy as it was at that point.

    Thanks for explaining all that. As always, you rock :D



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