Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Showdown Giveaway Winners!

I do so vera much love announcing giveaway winners.  This time, I get to announce two even, that makes me double happy.

This time, I sent ole Tristan over to to handle the details.  And he's come back with his randomly generated choices.

So without further ado....

The winner of the Showdown Giveaway #1:  Lovely Wicked by Kari Gregg...

Andrea, aka, Peskyanimal

The winner of the Showdown Giveaway #2:  Anchored by Rachel Haimowitz...

Ryan Loveless

Andrea & Ryan...

Come on down!  W00T!

Congrats, Congrats!

And thanks to everyone else who played giveaway with me.  And much thanks to Kari & Rachel, you two rock tough!

Next giveaway will be up tomorrow for a winner's choice between Entangled TrioSonata Appassionata by the lovely Cat Grant, who will be coming by for a little chat with  

Ya'll come back now.

Later taters!



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