Wednesday, March 23, 2011

W..W..W.. Wednesday

Guess what.  I want to play a book meme thingy.  I looked all over and found this one, so I thought.. okey dokey, that'll work.  Welcome to my first book meme.


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?
For more info on WWW Wednesdays, check out... Should Be Reading.

My answers are...
I'm currently reading...
I'm about 1/2 way done, and I'm loving this book.  I have totally fallen in love with an elf.  I actually love the Prince too, buy Ayden, is fabulous and just absolutely cracks me up.   I love Love LOVE this book so far.  I'll post a review when I finish.  

I recently finished...
Entangled Trio by Cat Grant

Loved it.  You can find all kinds of goodies around the blog about it.
My review is here.
Current giveaway (and interview with Cat) here.
Character inspiration pics here.
Yeah, this book rocked.

What do I think I'll read next?

I really have no idea.  I was thinking perhaps... 

PromisesPromises (Coda Books, #1) by Marie Sexton
I hear great things about this one, and I've been wanting to check it out for sometime now.  Plus, Marie is coming to play blog with me next week and I get to interview her and we're going to do a giveaway too.  So... I figure no better time than the present to pull it from the TBR pile.

That's it for me.

Later taters!


  1. I'm currently reading:
    A study book, it's just so busy, but I'm planning on changing that soon!

    I recently finished:
    Jade Archer - The Nu Hayven Chronicles 01 - Treacherous Sun, loved loved loved it, all the characters are so interesting, and for the couple I want to read about the most I will have to wait till book 4!

    I'll read next:
    JL Langley - With or Without 04 - With Abandon, really looking forward to this one! Love shifter stories.

    Promises by Marie Sexton sound interesting too!

  2. Right now I'm reading Outcast Mine by Jamie Craig. Futuristic, Sci-fi, Interspecies... not my favorite themes but I'm really enjoying it.

    I just finished Neon Yellow: Obsessive Adhesives by Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde. Sweet and nicely written M/M romance with a stalker subplot.

    Up next is Prey Time by Sue Brown. A short story about a top who picks up a couple of guys for a night of fun and finds himself losing control to one of the smaller men.



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