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The Writers Corner: Vivien Weaver

Welcome to a special Amara's Place mid-week... jewel.  Oh yeah, I said jewel.  I'm so vera, vera excited about it too.

As I've mentioned a time or two, one of the things I love so much about my blog is the opportunity it's given me to meet various authors.  One of these authors is my good friend Vivien Weaver. You may remember her from our little sit down chat, or our rather long sit down chat we had back in February. If you missed the interview, you can catch it here. 

I've had the privilege of reading quite a bit of the book she's working on right now, On A Twisted Tree, and all I can really say is... fan-friggin-tabulous.  Abso-tively, posi-lutely, fan-friggin-tastic. Uber even.

And yay me... she was kind enough to share an excerpt with me that I'm just dying to show you.  A never before seen WIP excerpt.  I think that's so cool.  Love it.  love Love LOVE!

AweS0000ME (<---sings that part)

*mumbles* Ok Amara, control yourself.


To bring you into the story, Cary and Lindsay are these way awesome brothers, born and raised in rural Arkansas by a family of super-religious militants.  Cary has had accident that's left him with a paraplegic injury, which was their father's fault.  They have since moved to the city, and 5 years later find themselves struggling, agreeing to modify and sell guns on the black market for their uncle.

The excerpt is from the first chapter; Cary and Lindsay have just had a rather tense meeting with two men and a woman, selling them a load of modified Saigga 12. Russians, and are now on their way...

And without further ado, I give you... On A Twisted Tree...


            “Something's going on with her,” Cary said on the way home. Lindsay was glad he'd mentioned it; he'd been thinking the same thing since they left. He nodded.
            “Don't know what, though.”
            “Nah.” Cary's voice was dismissive, but he rubbed his lower lip with his thumb, a sure sign he was thinking about it. “I'm hungry.”
            “It's past midnight. They're closed. McDonald's, I guess.”
            Lindsay felt the cell phone in his pocket vibrate a second before Lady Gaga's “Alejandro” came blaring from it. He scrambled to pluck it from his front pocket, but his fingers kept slipping, and it remained stuck. Cary howled with laughter once he figured out what the song was.
            “Shut the hell up,” Lindsay growled. “Amy must'a done that.”
            Cary slumped over the dashboard, gasping for breath as the song continued. “B...but who downloaded it?”
            “She did!” The phone came free from Lindsay's pocket, but it slipped from his fingers and clattered to the floorboard. “Dang it, Cary!”
            “I didn't do that, butterfingers.” Mercifully, the ringtone stopped. Before Cary could gloat too long, though, his own phone began to ring. It was another song Lindsay had heard at Amy's apartment; he recognized the whiny voice as Miley Cyrus.
            “What the hell?” Cary yelped, fumbling in his own pocket.
            Lindsay could barely see the road from the tears of laughter in his eyes. Cary cursed at him again and answered the phone.
            “Hey, babe. No, I'm still up. We're just driving. Maybe getting something to eat. You just get home?” Cary's girlfriend, Jessie, worked the closing shift at Applebee's with Amy. “Yeah, okay. You want something? McDonald's. Okay. See you in a little bit.” He hung up.
            “Third time this week,” Lindsay said. “You picking out rings yet?”
            “Shut up. Her place is a pain to get around. Her roommate's a slob.”
            “It ain't like you ever have to leave bed while you're there,” Lindsay said, earning one of Cary's dagger-eyed looks that reminded him of their father.
            “It ain't like that between us.”
            Lindsay stayed silent. Cary's paralysis didn't preclude him from having sex, but he'd kept that part of his life mostly to himself these five years.
            “She seems like a nice girl,” Lindsay offered finally.
            “Will you take me over there or should I have her pick me up?”
            Lindsay sighed, knowing he'd get nothing but the prickly side of Cary for the rest of the night. “I'll take you.”


And there you have it, a special Wednesday WIP Jewel, courtesy of the fabulous Vivien Weaver, as seen only here, at my Place.  Expect to see more of Vivien around here in the future, you know, since I'm in love with her book and all.  I'm currently working on doing an interview with Cary and Lindsay, those two just rock tough and I'm totally stoked about it.

Oh yeah, color me excited. :D

Until then, you can find her here...Amara's Place Interview, and out and about on Tumblr, Twitter, LiveJournalBlogspot, and Facebook.

Thank you Vivien, you made totally my Wednesday.  

That's all for me.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Later taters!

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