Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fed up! Hatred, Intolerance and Discrimination on Facebook

I've had enough.  I've absolutely had enough.  Every time I go over there, I regret it for one reason or another.  It's gotten so bad, I have been fighting the urge to delete my Facebook all together. Why I keep logging in over there is a mystery even to myself.  I've decided I must just like to torture myself.  It can be the only explanation.

There is a lot of bullshit over there, all shapes and sizes, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.  I'm here to talk about a specific bullshit that has me angry tonight.  Hatred, intolerance and discrimination type bullshit.


For awhile now, I've been watching as Facebook suspends or deletes the accounts of friends and/or acquaintances for posting things they deem "not family friendly".  It seems "not family friendly" is 9 times out of 10... gay content.  I'm not talking porn type content.  I'm talking about seeing it happen over everything from two men kissing to just authors posting their book covers.  Their LGBT book covers.  I've seen it time and time again.  I get upset, time and time again.

I've had enough.

Tonight, I logged on and saw this page.  I am appalled.  I am growling.  Literally... growling.  I want to know why this is acceptable.  I want to know why this page is still there.  I want to ask anyone and everyone who has a FB account to go and report this.

What is this page that has me so worked up?  It's called... I Hate Gays.

The info listed...

Basic Information

Since the beginning of homosexuality
We are for the betterment of mankind. Too long have we been forced to pretend that we are ok with homosexuals, it's time that we make our voices heard.
“I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States. So yeah, I don’t like it.” Tim Hardaway, NBA superstar.

In my opinion, no truer words have ever been spoken, and this is what this group i all about. Not violence against homosexuals, and not blind hatred, just a group in support of us as a society to stop having to "tolerate" gays.
To cure the homosexuality disease.

The link is here.   The Report link on on the left hand side.  Please help get this page off of FB by reporting it.

This is all just so... wrong.  This night, I have found a new use for my blog.  A voice.  And I will use it.  What a shame that I have to.




  1. I am so with you there!! I really appreciate your post! Thank you so much <3

  2. I am in total agreement with you Amara! This page is a total disgrace to mankind and we should not have to tolerate their hatred in our world. I reported this page and posted it on my page with the plee for all my friends to report it as well. I know several of my friends have reported it, and I am hoping several more do too.

    This kind of hatred, intolerance and discrimination is morally reprehensible and needs to be stopped.

  3. @Jen: True all that, and thanks darlin'.

  4. So true! It upsets me that Facebook has allowed that wall spewing hate to continue when it has no qualms about auto deleting a picture of two FULLY CLOTHED men kissing.
    Like you, I question my continued use of Facebook. It empowers homophobes!

  5. I reported it. If it doesn't get taken down it might be the final push for me to delete my facebook. I discovered today that if you go to event other people at the event can list you as having been there! Facebook gets creepier as well as more intolerant.

  6. One of the things I find most appalling is that the page is still active, despite what I assume were (at least) hundreds of reports, based on the comments I've seen. I'm guessing for the book covers that were removed? Probably only one or two reports. To my mind, this speaks very strongly of FB's unfortunate bias.

  7. @Lea: FB in it's entirety has gotten out of control on so many levels. How many times have we seen the FB Police mess w/friends? Yet this is still there. I'm fed up with the whole deal. It used to be so fun over there, now between High School behavior, creepiness, BS, all the new changes, and all of this... can'!!!!

    @Tiger: Yeah, they have made all kinds of changes over there like that one, I found myself in a FB ad, and my cell phone published. Funny, I never put my cell number in there. Creepier and creepier.

    @KC: I couldn't believe it was still up this morning, I was hoping it would be down by now with all the reporting I saw going on. And yeah, the book covers were removed, along with the author's accounts. Not sure how many reports it took, but I do remember a week or two where it seemed my feed was almost totally full of authors recreating their accounts because they were deleted. There were so so many.

  8. I am 110% with you, Amara. And then some.

    Effing FB! There is a reason I canceled my account more than a year ago. I call it evil. Period.

    I'm sure some people find it useful, but I am one of the few who don't think its "usefulness" is worth its total and complete bullshit. Every time I see something like that, just strengthens my resolve to stay far, far the hell away from it.

    Since I don't have an account -- and NEVER will -- I can't report this page. But I am definitely forwarding it to all my friends so they can.

    Effing BS.

  9. @LC: Thanks! Yeah, I agree with you on all of that. Thanks for forwarding it.



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