Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Mayhem

Sweet. Monday. I've been up for an hour, and... yeah. Monday.

Had a good weekend, managed to work on many-a-future blog post for some upcoming goodies.  Seems however, I forgot todays post. Hm.  So, here I am, with nada.

Present first Amara, future after.  *rolls eyes* Sheesh.

Upon discovering this, since I got up late, I decided to go jump in the shower and get ready for work before attempting to make a Monday Musing blog post.  There, I was thrilled to find that I have had an apparent Black Widow spider hatch.  I have little tiny spiders of death everywhere.  This is not full of awesome as I, the big scary mean Mamba... am scared of spiders.  Especially spiders of death.  Spectacular.

As I sit here, after dealing with the little death creatures, trying to wing it for a blog post, my precious little tux kitty Loki... has brought me a dead bird from the yard.  Dude.. that's fucking gross, no more gifts please.

So far... Monday is rockin'.

Today's Amara's Place motto is...

Now I'm off to Tweedleville, hoping for it to turn into Tuesday real real fast, cuuuuzzzzz ... that would rock.


That's all for me.

Later taters!

Oh, wait... there IS more...

*whispers* 13 days 'til Scorpion.  *goes over to the sidebar*... *pets the book cover of awesome*... *does the Scorpion dance*... 13 days... W00T!

Ha! I feel better already.

Now... that is all.

*twirls off*

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