Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swag-a-rific Sunday: Store of cool, free books and...signed goodies

What a fun weekend I've had.  A weekend filled with ... swag.  I love swag.  I played with some of my swag I've received from some vera cool author friends of mine, and bought swag from my fav authors new store.

Oh yeah, there is now... an Aleksandr Voinov Shop of coolness.

I swear, can that guy BE any cooler?  I don't think so, but then... I thought that before the store opened, so... what the hell do I know.

Click da suit... to be transported to said shop of cool.

I went a little swag crazy over there.  I know, I know... shocking.  But, in my defense, as major uber crazy cheer girl, I had to represent proper and all.  Right?  Right.  What kind of cheer girl would I be if I didn't have Kampfgruppe Aleksandr Voinov displayed...well... absolutely everywhere.

Ha! I can't wait for my goodies to get here.  I'm getting all excited again.

He'll be adding more coolness as it grows, but damn fine start to the cool if you ask me.

Kampfgruppe Aleksandr Voinov... Oh yeah.  W00T!

Ok, moving on.

I also found free books.  Got a nifty email from AllRomance ebooks this morning, and they will be offering a free book a day for... 21 days.  Doesn't that just rock.  I'll do my best to post them as I get the emails, for now it looks like there are 2.

Description:  Rawlings Men Series Book One

All Constable Hadley wants to do is put the last few weeks behind him. As if being taken hostage wasn’t bad enough, he’s had to deal with all the stupid publicity that’s surrounded him ever since. And the fact that he hasn’t slept since that night isn’t helping him feel any better about the world, either.

The last thing Hadley needs is a shrink wandering around inside his head trying to dig up all his dirty little secrets. When he finds out he’s being sent to Dr. Rawlings—the man he’s had a crush on for months—Hadley knows his life has finally hit rock bottom.

The only thing that could make things worse for Hadley would be Dr. Rawlings finding out how Hadley feels about him. But fate wouldn’t be that cruel to him—would it?


Description:  When Roxie and her friend, Candice, decided on a girls' night out, she didn't realize the Wulf's Den would be more than she had anticipated. But Roxie soon learned to expect anything. The presence of a super-abundance of super good-looking men surprised her and when the best of the bunch stared at her as if he wanted to devour her, surprise turned to amazement. Beowulf recognized her as his mate the instant she crossed his path and her scent filled his lungs. But he had to overcome one hurdle. She was not one of his kind--a werewolf. He had waited for years to find his mate and he would claim her even if she was a mortal. He would soon teach her all about werewolves. Roxie is caught up in strange events. Archaic markings appear on her wrist, and strong forces threaten to tear her away from her love as two other male werewolves try to claim her as their own. Would Roxie and Beowulf be able to keep the bond love had forged or would they lose each other forever?

Now for me...

*gasps* I GOT SWAG COOLNESS!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm a little uber stoked about it.  I played with it all day yesterday.  The marvelous Rachel Haimowitz sent me all kinds of goodies, she actually sent it awhile ago, but I just not got decent enough shadow boxes and frames and a decent enough pic to share.

I love my swag.  and... my uber cool signed Counterpoint.  WhooWhoo!  I pet it all day yesterday.

How cool is that!  love Love LOVE!

And... my signed cover flat of hot...

love Love LOVE!

And... my smagnets.

love Love LOVE!

I also had to get a new home for my first ever signed book in my whole life, my uber awesome, Test of Faith by the fabulous Aleksandr Voinov and the marvelous Raev Gray.  It was in a big ol' box and it was lonely in there, it needed a better one.  So it got a new home.

love Love LOVE!

What do I think of all that?

AweS0000ME (<--- sings that part)

Ok, that's about it for my Swagarific Sunday.

Later taters!


  1. Lots of cool stuff! Thanks for the links. :)

  2. Awesome! Went and downloaded the Handcuffs and Leather. Enjoy your free goodies Amara! =)

  3. @Lily: Hiya. Thanks :) And... you're welcome :))

    @Jen: Hey there. I vera much enjoyed my goodies, played with them aaaallll day. Twas fun. :)

    @Sweet: Hi m'dear. Thanks =D

    Hope you guys had a good weekend!



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