Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Scorpion by Aleksandr Voinov

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Release Date:  May 9th, 2011
Type:  eBook, Paperback
Length:  250 pages

The Blurb:  You learn your wisest lessons from your enemies. Assuming, of course, you survive the encounter. 

Kendras is a casualty of war: injured, penniless, and quite possibly the last surviving member of the only family he's ever known—the elite fighting force known as the Scorpions. When a steel-eyed stranger offers him medicine and shelter in exchange for submission and a secret task, Kendras has no choice but to accept. He is a Scorpion; he’ll do whatever it takes to survive.

But his true goal is to rebuild the Scorpions. Neither Steel’s possessive nature nor Kendras’s shattered foot can keep him from finding the last of his brothers... or the mysterious leader of the Scorpions, a man who held Kendras’s heart long before Steel tried to take it for himself. The goal is simple, the situation anything but. To rescue his leader and escape from Steel for good, Kendras must fight through a morass of politics and intrigue, where enemies are allies and even allies have hidden agendas.

My Review:  5/5

I am seriously in love with this book.  Warriors, mercenaries, battles, intrigue, love, hot growly sex, you name it, this book had it.  Packed full of awesome!

This book had me page one.  By the end of the first chapter I was a goner, completely enthralled, could not put it down. The writing carried me away; Intense, complex, twists and turns that kept me guessing, vivid descriptions that painted pictures I could see and feel, strong, complex characters that gripped me and wouldn’t let go, a unique world that still felt like a part of history with splashes of mythology woven throughout.  This book did not miss a beat.

The characters were amazing; as much as I love Kendras, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love them all for one reason or another.  The main characters, secondary characters, good guys and bad they just won’t let go of me.  The main character, Kendras, tough as nails, with his amazing endurance and determination;  The Officer with his honor and quiet strength; Widow, tough, snarky, never really knowing what’s up with that guy; Selvin the slave, endearing, strong in his own way; Even Steel captured me and never let go.  Every one of them had me hook line and sinker.

This book was an experience for me, it came to life, it pulled me in and it wouldn’t let go.  I’ve read most all of Aleksandr Voinov’s books, and it’s no secret that he’s my favorite author, but this book, this one is hands down my favorite of his so far.  I cannot recommend this book strongly enough for anyone who loves a good gritty m/m book and definitely for anyone who enjoys Aleksandr Voinov’s writing.  Grade A awesome.

All I really have left to say is…  more please. PLEASE! 

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