Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday stuff

Saturday. The weekend is finally here. Yaaaaaaay!  I could not be more ready.  It's been a rather difficult week out here.  Blah Blah Blah... suck.  All I want to do now is relax and recharge.  Before I do, I thought I'd throw together a quicky blog post.

I think I'll start miserable list.  Been awhile since I posted one, time to pull that puppy out. Last time I did, we were at #61.

So here's my list of things to be miserable out.

62. Airbrushing
63. Beehive hairdos
64. Beer Bellies
65. Greek gods who miss being worshipped
66. Mistaking walls for doors
67. Crow’s feet
68. People who try to stick their tongue down your throat
69. Rigor mortis
70. Being forced to walk the plank
71. Being stabbed with a letter opener


I've actually been mistaking walls for doors lately.  Trust me when I say... totally miserable that.  And some oww too.

Other things I found this week that I liked were these videos.  I found these two yesterday and I'm totally in love with these two guys.  Srsly.

What is up with that dog in the background? Lol.

And this one too...

And my Mystique gave me this laughtastic one this morning...

LOLOLOL. Yeah. That makes me laugh.

Finally... a hottie.

Yeah. That works.

That's all for me, for now.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Later taters!


  1. of course I spent the entire video watching the dog in the background. I'm guessing someone was bribed to keep the dog entertained so it wouldn't interrupt the recording :D

  2. heehee. I see mah evol plan worked! Muahahahaha

  3. LOL Alex, so did I! I'm just sitting here cracking up at that spazzy little dog, thinking, "Wow, this was not a good plan for these guys. Wait, are people singing? I thought this was a video about a dog."

  4. Thanks for the laugh and the eye candy!

    Come on over to my place to win a copy of The Tradesman's Entrance now til Thursday.



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