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Scorpion: Interview with Kendras & eBook Giveaway, part 2

Aaaaaaaand, we’re back.  This was actually my favorite part of the interview.  Kendras' thoughts on... working with Aleksandr Voinov.  Heehee.  Nothing but fun for the Mamba.  W00T!  I hope you enjoy. :D

Don't run off too fast after the interview, at the end you'll find the details of the backlist book giveaway.

I now give you... Mamba's Interview w/ Kendras part 2


Mamba:  I must say, your story was amazing.  Now, while I have you… I wanted to ask you… *devious grin*…

What was it like working with Aleks on this book?  Telling him your story?

Kendras:  "Oh that. Yeah, he really tried to weasel out of that one. "No I can't, I don't have the time, I need to review this book and research that book, and write something 'more important', yadda yadda. He was on fucking holiday, okay, so he has time, and sleeping a lot isn't work, either. He was also convinced I'd end up with Steel… in your dreams, baby. But once we got past all that bullshit with the excuses, it went quite well. Then there was a point where he goes "I can't do that, I won't finish it", and then some people gave him a kick up the ass and that was that. I think the guy needs some proper motivation at times."

Mamba:  *surprised stare*…Um… *laughs*… Ok…Well, a good kick up the ass can definitely motivate. Glad it all got worked out.  *mumbles*…yadda, yadda? Baby? …*chuckles*...

So, tell me…*grins*…do you like him?

Kendras:  "Much bark, little bite. All those plans, and then you get excuses when you ask what's what. He's alright. I mean, I get he's working for the moneylenders most of the day, so of course he's a bit soft and needs to train more, and then telling stories in the tavern in the evening… not sure he always makes sure he gets paid enough. Bards are weird. They make shit up, you know. He says he hears voices. What kind of bullshit is that?"

Mamba:  Well, I…

Kendras:  "Oh, and by the way, hope you're okay with the language. Aleks changed my language in the book. We were totally talking about 'guys', but then some of his weird bard friends from the Dreamspinner guild or whatever said that didn't sound right, it should be "men" or "comrades" or whatever, so Aleks changed how we speak. I mean, we're soldiers, you think we're gonna use words like 'thee' and 'thou'? Bullshit. Not on a battlefield. I'm not a noble. Neither is he, but I guess bards need to please the audience. That sounds like a shit job, actually. Then again, when we're hired, we try and keep the guy happy who pays us, so I see where he's coming from."

Mamba:  *stares in suprise*…*blinks*…*shakes head and laughs*… and here I thought you weren’t much of a talker.   Uh ..*nods* I thought the language was fine, I had no problem with it at all, it worked well for me.  Wait.  Did you just call him…a weird Bard?…*laughs*… o-kay. Now that’s funny. *tries to compose herself*

Alright, so Kendras, you were with Aleks for quite a while during this …*leans in and whispers* … what’s he like when he’s writing?

Kendras:  "He's crazy. There's this guy who sits there giggling to himself, talking about people who don't exist. I guess that's a bit like the priests… they talk about gods and all that, but have you ever seen a god? I haven't. Not saying they don't exist, just that you can't see them. Never fought a god, either."

Mamba:  *shakes head*  No, I’ve never seen a god either.  Um… he giggles to himself? *laughs* Alrighty then.   

Tell me, did he do anything special when he wrote your story, like, oh, I don’t know…did he have any writing routines… rituals?  *wicked grin* Virgin albino pygmy hippo sacrifices?

Kendras:  "Well, once he sits down on his ass and starts working, he works quite hard. If you call clicking on a black thing with things that move "work". I'm amazed people can earn their money that way. About the hippos – haven't seen it, but, well, he's crazy, right?"

Mamba:  *nods* Yeah, he’s crazy.  *chuckles*  He’s definitely crazy.

He shared a lot of music while writing your book, what do you think was his favorite?

Kendras:  "It was all pretty loud and fast. Even for the sex scenes."

Mamba:  He always seems so busy, does he ever relax?  What’s he do for fun?

Kendras:  "He sleeps a lot. Tried that with me when he was on holiday. He should do more exercise… run in armor or something. Might help with that sleeping. There's sometimes this red-haired guy who interrupts the work, but I think that's about it."

Mamba:  *smiles and nods* Run in armor…good idea…*chuckles, scribbles in notebook, ‘Next mission, get Aleks armor for running in’*

If he came with a warning label… what would you say it would be?

Kendras:  "Careful: likes messing people up from the safety of his own home. Needs to get out more."

Mamba:  *chuckles* Yeah, he does like messing with people doesn't he.  So, are you two going to do more together?  Are we going to get more Scorpion books?

Kendras:  "Yeah, we're talking about that. There's more excuses – again. He keeps mumbling about slaves and boxers. We're one third into a new story, and then he goes off and does something else, talking about a 'change of scenery'. Pretty annoying. I'm glad I'm not his officer, the guy doesn't have his priorities straight. He also wants to read the memory and talks about writing a book about the first officer. I might give him the memory if he finishes the whole story about the others and me first. There's some interesting stuff happening – the king wants to resurrect the Empire of Shara, the Scorpions are still under strength, I never learnt what's the deal with Widow. And that guy's weird. I mean, here we are, building an empire and all that, and that pudgy little bard is getting distracted playing with slave boxers."

Mamba:  *chokes* Pudgy little bard?  *laughs*…*shakes head*…Kendras…you are something else. Thank you so much for the interview.  I can’t wait to see what else you two give us.

*walks Kendras out*

*shakes head and laughs* Omg.  That is sooo not what I expected.

Friggin' awesome.


Ok. Now for the giveaway.  Aleks is giving away an eBook of the winners choice from his back list.  Yaaaaay!  You can find a list of his books either here on my special Aleksandr Voinov page, or over on his website here.  Don't forget, all comments left during Scorpion Week enter you into the Grand Prize drawing for the uberawesome paperback copy of Scorpion (perfect for petting and drooling on) and the rockin' wristband swag.  You can find the other posts linked on the side bar under the beautimus bookcover of awesome right over ... there ---------->

And that's about it for me, for now.  I'm off to try to write my review to post for tomorrow, of which I'm failing miserably at.  I seem to still be stuck stuttering on... THIS BOOK ROCKS, AWESOMENESS OF THE UBER KIND, YOU MUST READ IT AND READ IT NOW. Yeah, that's just a sucky review.  So... I'd best get a move on.

Later taters!


  1. There is absolutely not one thing about this that is not made of epic quantities of Win. So, so much love for the pudgy little bard :D And for you too, my dear!

  2. Getting the scoop on Aleks is priceless. Pudgy little bard. Hmmm. Awesome interview. Awesome Kendras!

  3. Ah, Kendras is such a wonderful character. A very enjoyable and revealing interview indeed. :)

  4. Hysterical! Love the descriptions!

  5. Great interview. Love the giggles and pudgy little bard comments.

  6. want...want...WANT!!! :)


  7. Katrina, James, Lisa, Brian, & Steve... I've got you all counted.

    Thanks for your emails. Glad you're enjoying the week!

    Sorry for the comment fail.

  8. @Rachel: LOL. I'm glad you liked it! That totally makes me grin like a loon over here. :D

    I'm not sure who I'm loving more at this moments, Aleks, or Kendras. Didn't think I could love either of them more than I did, but... totally do right now. :D

    Thanks for coming by darlin' :D

  9. @Brita, Rhi, Sunflowery, June & Jason ... I can only see your names and not your commnets. :(

    But thanks for coming by, You all are awesome. :D

  10. So glad blogger is finally fixed...Now just got to redo everything. Love the interview and all the comments, him giggling, the little bard remarks and Virgin albino pygmy hippo sacrifices. Too funny.
    Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  11. So glad blogger is back!

    That was hilarious, though Kendras better watch out, if he verbally abuses Aleks too much, Aleks could always ignore him completely. Then where would he be?

  12. Hi June, I'm so glad you like the interview. Isn't that just funny. I laughed so hard when I did this one. What an awesome bard, if I do say so myself.

    Hi Aleks, True that. But something tells me if Aleks tried to ignore him... Kendras would not give up so easily.

    Thanks for coming by. You guys are awesome. Thanks bunches. :)

  13. Heya everyone who was here before blogger failed me completely...

    I reeeeeally hope blogger gives back everyones comments. If not, I've still got the email notifications, so you're all still counted for the giveaways. I just have to...ya know... dig thru for them.

    Blogger... you are full of fail this week. Please stop being stoopid. 'kThx.

  14. It appears that blogger is fixed. =)

    Love the interview! The giggling made me giggle! Awesome job Amara!

    Sign me up for the contest please!

  15. Awesome interview! Thanks for the laughs :-) Can't wait to read "Scorpion"!

    smaccall @

  16. Fantastic interview!! lOOve it :) I never thought I'd hear Kendras talk so much either. All this time, I thought he was such a quiet boy... But he does throw some great punch-lines (and punches, I can imagine).

    "What’s he do for fun?"
    "He sleeps a lot."

    Made me splutter my breakfast all over (yeah, I know, it's almost noon).

  17. Hey, I'm same person as the post above (sandrak). Just created a new account - the old one was deleted.

  18. @Jen: Hiya! Yep, it gave me back the interview. Sadly, it did not give me back the earlier comments. :(

    Glad you liked the interview! I've got you down for the contest m'dear. :)

    @Sarah: LOL, glad you enjoyed it. This one cracked me up. :)

    @Sandra: Heya. Inorite? He got all gabby. Lol, I laughed so hard putting this one together. Never thought Kendras would make me laugh. Surprise Surprise.

    Thanks for coming by guys. Hope you had a great weekend. :D

  19. Really loved this part it had me laughing my booty off. Thank you. Andrea

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  21. Love this! Please sign me up for the giveaway :)

  22. @Lori: Hi there! I'm so glad you liked it! This one was vera fun. Vera Vera! You're all signed up. :D Thanks for coming by!

    Also, Suzanne, I do have you down from your emails too. I didn't forget you. :D

  23. Aloha, please enter me in the contest. Thank you, Amara!

  24. Great interview! Please enter me in the contest.

  25. @Lea: Aloha darlin'! Got you counted. Glad you made it by. :)

    @Jayhjay: I'm glad you liked it. I've got you down. :)

    Thanks for stopping by guys. :)

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