Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scorpion Week Winners!

I haz once again become victorious in the battle against the evol Blogger! We haz winners!


And guess what! Being the uberawesome guy he is, Alexandr has made the prizes oh so much sweeter! W00T! I'm pretty sure that guy can't rock any harder. Thanks Aleks :D

Ok. Blah blah blah, stop blabbering Amara and giveaway some prizes!

Prizes, W00T!

Okey Dokey.  We have several many!  We are totally out with the original swag, backlist eBook and grand prize giveaway, and in with...

Giveaway #1 ~  A rockin' Scorpion wristband AND a backlist eBook of your choice. AND we have 4 winners for that! W00T!


Giveaway #2 ~  An awesome Scorpion necklace, a rockin' Scorpion wristband AND a backlist eBook of you choice... AND we have 2 winners for that! W00T!


Giveaway #3 ~ Da Grand prize:  A Scorpion signed paperback, a rockin' Scorpion wristband AND an awesome Scorpion necklace... 


I'll send out emails to everyone, you'll have 48hrs to get back to me to verify all the info and Aleks and I will get you all your goodies. for everyone who didn't win this round, worry not! I have more Aleksandr Voinov coolness giveaways coming in the next couple of weeks. :)

Thanks again everyone for bearing with me while I got it all sorted out.  Super thanks to everyone that came to play. Uber thanks to those of you that commented both by email AND came back to the blog when it was up and running again. That was just awesome of you.  

And a final superduperUBER thanks to you Aleks for sweeting that pot and letting me play blog with you for da book of da awesome. You rocked my socks. :D

That's all for me, for now.  

Later taters!

*Note:  Aleksandr Voinov backlist titles do not include Scorpion.  

Info on all Aleksandr's backlist titles etc. can be found on his website at or here at my Place on my special Aleksandr Voinov is awesome page here.  

All winners chosen using




  1. W00T!!!!! Congrats to all the winners! It is so cool that I get a bracelet and a backlist ebook!! *Snoopy Dancin!*

    The Mamba haz prevailed!! Mamba fought the evol blog and kicked itz azz into submizzion!!! GO MAMBA GO MAMBA!!

  2. Congrats to all the winners!

    Sadly, I inherited my mother's "good luck." :) Ah well, off to buy my own wristband!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. \o/ yay to all the winners - Sarah, you lucky ducky, you!! :D

    I just can't believe I actually won. I am so happy and greatful to Mamba for being able to bring the Blogger to 'his' knees in time ;)

  5. LOL hey guys! Gotta hand it to Mamba, she whup'd it! \o/ Had to get all mean and nasty with it, it put up quite a fight, but Mamba fights harder! LOL, and she's scary so... that works. >:D


  6. Just wanted to let you know that I received my wristband today.
    Very happy girl, I am ;)



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