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Sexy Saturday (I mean Sunday): Kendras

Well, for a rockin' Scorpion Week that I have been waiting to dance on for... what, almost a year now?  Blogger has sure been epic fail.  Thank you Blogger.  You do not rock.  However, I will not give up.  I will win if it kills me.  I am determined to bring you all that I can about this book of uber awesome, and do the Scorpion dance as must as I possibly can.  Since I've lost several days... I suppose that just means my dance is not limited to the set schedule.

I am rambling, perhaps I need more coffee.

Anyway, I've gone out and rescued Kendras from the evil blogger...again.  Not that he needs me to rescue him, cuz he's all badass on his own, but... you know.  If Blogger wants to battle the Mamba, battle she will do.  Muahahaha.  So, here we try again. (here's hoping it will work this time)

First... let us pet the cover... *pets the beautimus cover*... *wipes drool*...

Mmmmm. 'k. I think I'm done petting. For now. At least the cover. Now, on to the babbling.

As the entire world knows by know, I stalked poor Alekandr endlessly while he wrote this one.  This is the book I used to talk about watching him share awesome bits and pieces of.  He would tease with little passages over on FB.  He would share the music he was listening to while creating this uberawesomeness.  I loved it all so much, I would sit just waiting for the next piece he would share. He had me hook, line and sinker. And I, being the uberstalker cheergirl that I am... would snag each thing.  I snagged the passages, I snagged the songs.  I also went out... and found Kendras.  (yes, I was obsessed, obsessed much. Not my fault, totally Aleks' fault, the book is just that good)

When I was done snagging everything, I compiled them all.  I wanted to be able to listen to the music as I read the final published book.  I wanted to remember what he said Kendras looked like.

I wanted to remember everything.

So, that's what I did. And I was right, it IS cool to listen to the music as I read it, it IS cool to remember what Kendras looks like.  It IS cool... to remember.

When I made all of this, I shared it all with Aleks and now I want to share it all with you. :D

First, let me introduce you to... Kendras.

Yum.  I adore him. (Yes, that is him. Yes, I still want to lick. Just sayin')

Second, the official Scorpion Soundtrack.  Oh yeah, the soundtrack. Soundtrack sounds cooler than playlist, like a movie score or something. heehee. :D

Behold... the music that Aleksandr listened to while he wrote the book of the uberawesome.  I think that is so cool.  :D :D  If blogger works right today, the pic should take you to the gianormous youtube playlist. Here's hoping blogger cooperates today.

Scorpion, the music


1.       (s)AINT , Marylin Manson
2.       Mobscene, Marylin Manson
3.       The Fight Song, Marylin Manson
4.       Jinroh Main theme – Omega, grace
5.       -Suicide Commando, Hellraiser (Psychopath)
6.       Ad Mortem Festinamus, Qntal
7.       Herr Mannelig, In Extremo
8.       Palästinalied, In Qntal
9.       Palästinalied, In Extremo
10.   Dein Anblick, Schandmaul
11.   De Profundis, ASP
12.   WooHoo , Christina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj
13.   Born to Rule, HammerFall
14.   Die With Honor, Manowar
15.   Death Dies Hard, Deathstars
16.   Kalte Spuren, Schandmaul
17.   For the Clansmen, Schelmish
18.   Horizont, In Extremo
19.   Sieben, Subway to Sally
20.   Minne, Subway to Sally
21.   Sabbat, Subway to Sally
22.   Ohne Liebe, Subway to Sally
23.   Dein Anblick, Schandmaul
24.   Die Schwarzen Reiter, E Nomine
25.   Heilig (holy) EXTENDED VERSION....Knights Templar / Assassin's Creed, E Nomine
26.   Melancholie, In Extremo
27.   Heilig, E Nomine
28.   Take Me To the Limit, Mr. President
29.   Sieben, Faun
30.   Satyros , Faun
31.   The Scorpion, Mega Death
32.   Morrigan, Omnia
33.   Unda, Faun
34.   Andro, Faun
35.   Iyansa, Faun
36.   Tagelied, Faun
37.   The Escapist, Nightwish

Yes, I'm a bit crazy over this book, yes, it's been said more than a time or two.  Not sorry. I love it. That is all.

Now I'm off to make more blog. I hope everyone has a great day!

Later taters!

Scorpion Giveaways:

Interview with Kendras, part 1 with swag giveaway
Interview with Kendras, part 2 with backlist ebook giveaway

All commenters entered in the Grand Prize Giveaway:  Signed Paperback of Scorpion & Rockin' Wristband.

Scorpion W00T!
Kendras W00T!

Just... *Scorpion dancin'*... W00T!

Yeah, 'k bye. :D

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  1. Congrats on defeating blogger! And thanks for collecting the music (and putting it in a handy youtube playlist!) I know what I'll be listening to today.

    ...also, I keep getting distracted by the "Latest Hotness" on your sidebar every time I make a comment :)



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