Sunday, June 12, 2011

Charity Auction ~ Help Save Kolya the Kitteh

Hiya. This little darlin'...

is Kolya the kitteh.

Kolya belongs to a friend of mine, Gileonnen, who co-writes some awesome with Aleksandr Voinov.  Poor Kolya seems to have gotten himself in a bit of mess. Kolya has swallowed sewing thread, causing him to vomit uncontrollably for about eight hours straight--he’s since stopped vomiting, but he’s feverish and still has the thread inside him, and the vet recommends surgery to prevent the thread from slicing up his insides.  As if that's not bad enough, Gil is a student and can't swing the surgery costs. So, awesome of all awesomeness, several authors have banded together and set up a charity auction.  Aleksandr Voinov, Rachel Haimowitz, Brita Addams, along with several others, are auctioning off all kinds of vera cool goodies; books, beta critique, swag... lots-o-goodies.   

You can find out more and check it all out here at the auction site here. 

Let's help save poor Kolya the kitteh, every little bit helps.

Thanks guys.

That's all for me for now.

Later taters!

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