Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Free Me by Brita Addams

This week, the lovely Brita Addams is hanging out at my Place with not one, but 2, count them, 2 giveaways.   SahWEEET!

Next week she has 2 new releases, the first is Free me, her first M/M contemporary which comes out June 5th, the second is an m/f romance called The Rogues Salvation, which comes out June 6th.  *does the awesome new release dance* WhooWhoo! Go Brita, Go Brita!

To celebrate, we have exclusive excerpts and... giveaways.  A giveaway for each book, and... as if that's not awesome enough... 5 swag bags too! She's got bookmarks, postcards, cover flats...all kinds of swag goodness. 

AweS0000ME (<---sings that part)

You know the giveaway drill.  Leave a comment telling me you want in.  Don't forget your email address so we can contact you, and check out the fine details at the end of the post.  One winner will be chosen at random from each post to receive an eBook copy of the book. Swag winners will be chosen at random between both giveaways.  

That about covers it. Now, enough of my rambling.  I say... 

Ready...set... let's play giveaway!

Free Me by Brita Addams

Release Date:  June 5th
Publisher:  Amber Allure
Length:  Novella (24k words)
Genre:  M/M, Contemporary, BDSM, Group Sex, Exhibitionism

Dr. Bryan Newcastle needs a respite from his grueling medical practice. He's looking for someone to free his mind and his body, to take him to unexplored sexual heights. So on impulse, he plunks down his credit card and commits himself to a Gay BDSM cruise he hopes will answer his prayers.

Dom Phil Sanderson is looking for a vacation sub. With a keycard slid across the lunch table, Bryan is plunged into Phil's decadent world, where sexual submission is only the beginning. Phil brings his willing sub to new heights, but soon realizes seven days just isn't enough for either of them.

Will Bryan and Phil be able to return to their former lives, or has the journey to Bryan's sexual freedom only begun? 


Exclusive Excerpt…

Twenty minutes after they’d stepped into the waiting area, they were escorted to a square table, again by the large, arched windows at the back of the ship. The lights from the decks outside reflected off the glassy water, making the atmosphere for this, their first dinner together, even more pleasant and far different than the view they’d had during lunch.

The sommelier came by and offered a short dissertation on the fine wines available onboard. Phil ordered a Chateau Petrus merlot. “It’ll go beautifully with our Wellington,” he said, as he smiled at Bryan.

The server waited his turn and took their order with efficiency. When they were again alone, Phil asked, “What really brought you on this cruise, Bryan? What are you looking for?”

Though Bryan appreciated the question, how was he to answer without feeling foolish?

Phil arched an eyebrow and smiled, exuding confidence and a true joy for life.

What was that old clich√© about the best defense is a good offense? As Bryan sipped his wine, he asked, “What are you looking for?”

This verbal dance continued for several minutes. The server brought their meal of Beef Wellington, Lyonnais potatoes, and a vegetable medley, all arranged beautifully on fine china plates.

Bryan took in the elegance of the setting around them as he sipped his wine. Phil cut a sizable bite of his Wellington and, with his mouth full, he said, “I’m looking for a vacation sub.”

Bryan nearly choked on his wine. “A submissive?”

“Yes, have you heard of such things?”

Bryan leaned across the table and in a whisper said, “Of course I have, but you don’t look like the…the Dom type.”

“And what does the ‘Dom type’ look like?”

“I guess I’d expect leather.”

Phil laughed. “I have leather, but that alone doesn’t make me a Dom.”

Bryan’s mind scattered with a million possibilities and his cock stirred, as the cruise took on an entirely different outlook. “I realize that.”

“Do you know anything about the lifestyle?”


“Really? How interested? A devotee?”

“In thought.” Why was he telling Phil this stuff? He’d never told a soul, though he’d hinted to Del, only to be shot down.

“What keeps you from delving deeper?”

Bryan cut a butter-soft piece of Wellington. “The unknown, I suppose. I’ve read a lot, but when I go out, I worry about running into someone I know.”

“Do you know anyone on board?”

Bryan put the bite in his mouth and savored the liver pate, mushroom and onion held in place by the flaky pastry. He was sure his eyes rolled back in his head as he enjoyed the tender beef.

With his mouth full, he said, “No, I don’t.”

As he watched Phil enjoy his meal, Bryan wondered if it could possibly be this easy. Could he meet someone and, bam, there went any worry over how to spend the next seven days? Pragmatism had no place on this cruise. Whatever happened, he could explore to his heart’s content and not fear he’d ever see Phil again.

They finished the meal and talked more about Bryan’s wants and needs over another glass of wine. Phil sat back, looking relaxed. With his eyes riveted on Bryan’s, he reached into his inside coat pocket with an ease that could only come from years of practice, brought his keycard out, and slid it across the table toward Bryan.

“Go to my room, and I’ll get there when I get there.”

Bryan looked at the card, then at Phil.


The fine details...

  • Giveaway is for an eBook copy of Free Me and swag.
  • Contest closes 9:00PM PST, June 4th, 2011
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me you’d like to be entered in the giveaway.
  • Please include a valid email address or I won’t know where to contact you.
  • Winners will be selected at random using
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
  • Contest (ebook) is open worldwide .  
  • Must be 18 yrs. old or older.

That's all for me, for now.  Don't forget to enter the Kayla Jameth giveaways, those close Thursday.  I'll see ya'll tomorrow for Brita's awesome second giveaway!

Later taters!


  1. I would sign up, it sounds interesting, but I've enough books to keep me busy for a good long while, and don't want to take the chance from someone else.

    But I wanted to tell Brita it sounds great :D

  2. Good morning everyone in Amara's world. So happy to be here again.

    Hi Alex. Thank you for the nice words. I appreciate it.

    I'll pop back later, Amara! Hugs.

  3. Interesting.
    So what inspired you to write your first gay contemporary romance, Brita? Just curious.
    The excerpt is very good!

  4. Great excerpt, sounds interesting.

    BTW, I noticed the "Postcards from Paradise" tag on the cover. Is this part of a group of stories? I thought I saw the same tag on LA Witts Getting off the ground maybe? Or am a crazy?

    Anyway, congrats on the new book and please count me in on the giveaway.

    jacobjunk at verizon dot net

  5. i'd love to enter! i really enjoy d/s stuff :D i can be reached at :D

  6. Brita, congrats on the new book. I need to win it because love on the high seas is one of my favorite escapes.

  7. Congrats on the new releases. Definately count me in please. Thank you so much for the giveaways!

    GFC: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'd like to enter too please.

  10. Oh and my email is lnxam97 at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks for making this a world wide experience. I love Britas work

  12. Wow! I checked back and found all the wonderful comments.

    I'll try to answer questions. David, I wrote this because a good friend "forced" me to do it. LOL. Bryl Tyne told me Amber Allure had an open call for their Postcards From Paradise sub call and he thought I should sub to it. I've actually written m/m and menage before, just not contemporary.

    My husband, daughter and I actually went on a cruise for my birthday and having been on many cruises before, I thought it worked, using what I knew as the background. I've never written contemporary before and actually found the experience kind of liberating, able to use present day language, etc.
    I've written the sequel to Free Me, In His Arms, and it will be out on August 7. I've loved doing something new.

    Hi Margie. Thanks.

    Wyndslash, Jason, June M., Syvia, Melora and Comfort, thanks so much. Comfort, that's a sweet thing to say. I love to hear from readers!

    I hope you all enjoy the excerpt from The Rogue's Salvation tomorrow.

    Love you all.

  13. firstly congratulations on this new release!

    Own Brita's first one and hope to have the second!

    Thank You

  14. Please include me!

    adara (at) adaraohare (dot) com

  15. You guys are all so great!

    @Alex: Hiya! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting even thou you weren't entering. That totally made me smile. Awesome. :)

    DA, jayhjay, Wyndslash, Margie, June, Sylvia, Melora I've got you all in :)

    Jason: Most definitely :)

    Comfort: Of course m'dear, always for eBooks. I usually only restrict the paperbacks, darn shipping gets tricky.

    Moniquee, Heather, and Adara... you're in. :)

    Thanks sooooo much for coming by everyone. Hope you all had a great day!

    Brita... thanks again for coming to play at my place. I soooo love when you come to hang out. You're awesome. :D

  16. OMG - I love BDSM themed books and this looks SOOOO good. I'd be thrilled to be considered for the giveaway - thank you!!!

  17. And in my immense excitement, I forgot to leave an email address *blushes*. You can find me at

  18. Getting ready to turn in, Amara's guest room is really cozy and welcoming, but before I pad off, I wanted to stop in. I heard voices and wanted to see who'd come by to visit since I left for a chocolate run - Amara has an insatiable sweet tooth.

    Moniquee - you've missed a few from the first. Is that Serenity? Yeah, there's been quite a few since then. :))Thank you for the good wishes. I appreciate it.

    Heather and Adara, glad you came by.

    Amara is very efficient in taking care of the giveaways. She'll tell me who wins and I'll get the goodies sent out.

    Amara, you are the best and you know I love you! Who doesn't, right everyone. She's the best.

    I'm yawning and promised myself I was going to write a thousand words before I crashed and I have about 400 more to go, so I will bid you all good night and see you back here tomorrow for The Rogue's Salvation.

    Good night Mamba. Hugs. Me and my bunny slippers are trudging off now. Promise I won't slam the guest room door.

  19. Wendy slipped in while I was writing. Hi Wendy. Nite Nite, Wendy. Thanks for coming by.

  20. Sounds a great book - please count me in too

  21. Oh my, this looks really good. You are a new author for me but not for long. I can't wait to start reading. Please enter me.

  22. please count me in! this sounds wonderful!

  23. Carole Ann, Mary and Rho,

    I hope you enjoy Free Me and thank you for stopping by Amara's Place. She does make us feel at home, doesn't she?

  24. crystal trent dotsonJune 3, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    Congrats ! on the book , it really sounds great!!! Hope to win a copy!!

  25. @Wendy: *laughs* I'm glad you're excited. I'm excited for this one too. I got you down m'dear.

    Carole-Ann, Mary, Rho and Crystal, thanks for stopping by. I've got you all on the list. :)

    *passes coffee* Mornin' Brita. Hope you slept well. Cute bunny slippers you have there darlin'. ;)

    Thanks everyone for coming by! Hope you all have a great day!!



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