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Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: The Rogue's Salvation by Brita Addams

Good morning good morning!  We're back with the continuation of yesterdays uber awesomeness.  This time,  for my friends who love the M/F Historicals, the lovely Brita Addams has The Rogue's Salvation, due out with Noble Romance on June 6th.

Tis an Amara's Place ~ Brita Addams twofer of awesome this week. W00T!

Brita's given me another exclusive excerpt for yet another awesome giveaway.  Same drill as yesterday, leave a comment here telling me you'd like to enter, don't forget your email address so we can contact you and... well... that's it.  One ebook winner will be chosen at random for this giveaway too, and between the two days additional winners will be chosen to receive her swag bags of awesome.

Brita rocks so tough, doesn't she? Simply awesome.

We'll keep this one open until June 5th, 9:00pm PST, winners announced release day the 6th.

That about sums it up.  Now I'll shush up so you can read that tasty little treat.  Ready...set... let's play giveaway!

The Rogue's Salvation by Brita Addams

Release Date:  June 6th
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre:  M/F, Historical

The Blurb:  Thomasine Littlebury is a spoiled, young girl, until the death of someone close pitches her headlong into adulthood. As she struggles to manage her life with little money and less social prestige, she's struck down, leaving her scarred, alone and in the hands of a handsome man with a huge secret.

Myles Cunningham is a rogue of the first water, who answers every call to pleasure and decadence without a second thought. During one such foray, the fates conspire to throw Myles and Thomasine together, in a most unfortunate way. 

Acting as the Good Samaritan, Myles sees to the young woman's recovery and finds himself attracted to her strength and beauty.

As their relationship progresses, circumstances conspire to force them to marry to preserve Thomasine's honor. He fears the discovery of his secret might destroy their fragile rapport, yet he desperately needs Thomasine, for he's convinced she, above all others, is the rogue's salvation. 



Myles sat at his desk, looking out over the busy street and wishing he were one of the passersby instead of a clerk looking through a dingy window. He'd not fully appreciated Peter's word to a friend concerning employment, but he had to admit that, other than the daily confinement, having a steady income and earning it himself had certain merit.

He'd worked for the solicitors, Titchfield & Lowell, for nigh on six months and found himself to be quite a good student, both a surprise to say the least. The partnership had flourished for years and, from the figures Myles transcribed into neatly drawn columns, he was able to conclude it still did.

His was menial labor and his concentration often gave way to boredom. However, outside the office, he still appreciated a somewhat curtailed life of self-indulgence, as he kept the debauchery to a minimum, which ensured his pockets were plumb and his stock high in Peter's eyes. His membership at the Sapphire Club was in good standing, though his attendance was rather limited.

Myles thought about the possibility of marriage and had taken to a more frequent attendance at dances, thinking he might catch a glimpse of a rich heiress.

Henry and Declan had created a semblance of marriage, albeit secretive, and Myles found himself envious of the closeness the two shared. Declan owned a bookstore in London.  Under the pretense of needing an employee, he'd hired Henry on. Though each man had their own lodgings, they shared Declan's flat above the store more nights than not.

Myles shook his head to clear the muddle. With Henry otherwise occupied, he found himself alone most of the time, and that loneliness came with a price. He'd gotten to know himself far too well, and hadn't always liked what he'd discovered.

However, today wasn't a day for self-reflection. A beautiful day held no appeal behind the walls of an office. Myles looked at his watch. It was just after one in the afternoon. His only thought was to leave early and spend his afternoon with some brandy and, if the stars aligned properly, a perfumed body to warm his bed or theirs.

The idea gripped him until he could no longer keep himself from acting on the impulse. "What can one afternoon matter," he said aloud as he slid the papers from the top of his desk to the drawer in the middle. After tidying his desk, he announced his departure due to illness, and drove himself to the Fox and Hound. All he sought could be found there, no matter the time of day.

* * * * *

Where had the afternoon gone, Myles wondered as he boarded his phaeton, drunk as a lord and yet determined to make his way home under this own direction. He'd spent the last four hours drinking away his loneliness and repeatedly fucking Lizzie, the resident whore at the tavern.
The horses must have sensed his unsteadiness, as they whickered and shifted restlessly. "Settle in there," he told them as he took up the reins.

Myles slapped the ribbons harshly across the backs of the horses and the matched grays bolted forth, the whip encouraging their progress. "On, on!"

Myles entered Bond Street, and foxed as he was, he realized his error. The glut of carts, carriages and pedestrians caused him to draw back harshly on the reins. At that very moment, out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of golden hair and gave a sharp tug, praying the horses would veer to the left, and while he succeeded in that effort, he was unable to avoid the wheel striking a young woman who apparently couldn't extricate herself from his path.

As he worked to bring his horses to a halt, he heard shouting and an earth-shattering scream that sobered him in an instant. Without thought, he threw the reins and trod back to where a crowd had gathered. He blinked and fought the reality as he raked his hands through his hair.

"She's really hurt," someone said as he pushed his way to the center of the group.

There in the mud lay a young woman, her face gashed and oozing blood. She appeared to be unconscious, she lay still as death. The need to survive gripped him. I've done some stupid, addle-pated things, but this—oh, my God—this. Casting aside his self-pitying thoughts, he knelt beside the young lady. "Miss, I'm so sorry."

"She needs a physician," a man behind him said.

Myles acted on instinct. 

"Come, boy," he shouted.

When the young man came near, Myles tugged him close and whispered, "Run to Feversham House and bring the marquess back here, no one else." The boy nodded and ran in the direction of St. James's Square. Peter would know what to do, he always did. Myles placed his cravat on the woman's face and held it there to stem the flow of blood, while she wept and moaned. Apparently, she was waking.

A man broke through the dissipating crowd. "I'm a surgeon. Might I be of service?"

"Please," he found himself saying.

The man knelt beside the woman and Myles observed as the surgeon lifted the woman's arms, one at a time, and then asked her if she could move her legs. She did as the doctor instructed.

"Good, good. It appears she hasn't broken any bones, though I've only done a cursory examination."

Relief washed over him, though the gash on the woman's otherwise beautiful face looked to be a horrible consequence of his carelessness.

An interminable time passed before he heard the rumble of a carriage. The door flew open and Peter jumped out.

"What's happened, Myles?" Under his breath, Peter said, "Are you responsible for this? My God, man, have you been drinking?"

"Never mind that now, can't we take her from here?" Myles begged, his hands shaking.

"Does she appear to have any broken bones?"

"The surgeon seems to think not."

Peter looked to the doctor, who still held the woman's hand. "Might we remove her from the street? We can take her to my home. Will you come with us and tend to her there?"

"Yes, I see no reason she shouldn't be moved, though gently, she's suffered quite a nasty wound to the face."

Myles brushed everyone aside and picked the woman up. Peter stepped into the carriage, and between them, they settled her. "I'll drive home and meet you there," he told Peter, and ran to his carriage.

He vowed to never touch brandy again if this young woman survived and recovered. Damaging himself was one thing, but to destroy someone else was beyond the pale.


The fine details...

  • Giveaway is for an eBook copy of The Rogue's Salvation, additional giveaway of swag.
  • Contest closes 9:00PM PST, June 5th, 2011
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me you’d like to be entered in the giveaway.
  • Please include a valid email address or I won’t know where to contact you.
  • Winners will be selected at random using
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
  • Contest is open to worldwide (ebook).  
  • Must be 18 yrs. old or older.

That's all for me, for now.  Don't forget to enter the Kayla Jameth giveaways, those close tonight and Brita's giveaway for Free Me that closes June 4th.  

Hope everyone has a great day!

Later taters!


  1. I'm most definitely a ROGUE kind of girl and Definitely a Brita Addams girl.... Count me in for this giveaway please..

    Debbie L

  2. I'd like to enter too :)

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  3. Amara I'd like to enter this one too, Thanks

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  5. I'd love to enter this one. The excerpt was great.

  6. Good morning/afternoon all. Happy to see you! I slept well in Amara's guest room and am enjoying some home baked croissants and great coffee. Amara knows how to treat a girl!

    Debbie, you'll find a surprise in Rogue and I hope you like it. Just for you, honey.

    Melora, Comfort, Heather and Mary, glad to see you. Hope you all enjoy the book.

  7. After reading this I'd like to enter.

  8. Gotta love rogues...Definately add me in! This book sounds really great.

    GFC: June M.
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  9. sounds great. count me in!

  10. Hi Leni, June and Rho,

    I love rogues too. Gotta love 'em! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs to everyone.

  11. Oh this sounds good. Hi Brita - I'd love to be entered.

  12. Hi Leilani! Nice to see you here. Hope you like Rogue.

  13. Crystal Trent DotsonJune 3, 2011 at 7:02 AM

    wow ! this one sounds great want to win a copy of it also !!!

  14. G'mornin' everyone!

    Debbie: *waves* hiya darlin'. Gotchya counted. :D

    @Melora, comfort, Heather, Mary, Leni, June, Rho, Leilani and Crystal... I've got you all down :)

    Thanks so much everyone for coming by :D

    *waves* Hi Brita! Great excerpt. Thanks for rockin' the place this week. :D :D :D

  15. @-}-}--- Awww I can't wait to read it Brita.. You know how excited I get when it comes to your books... meloves'emsomuch!!!

    So truely happy for you my dear... Two more yay!!!!!!!

  16. @ Amara the most Amazing BLOG GODDESS.. ::waves:: hiya beautiful lady.. hope your having the best friday ever... dances off to work... bye luvyame.... :O)

  17. Please count me in!

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