Monday, June 6, 2011

The Rogue's Winner!

Tis a big day around the Place.  First off, it's release day for The Rogue's Salvation by Brita Addams.  *does the new release dance* Congratulations Brita my dear. 

The Rogue's Salvation by Brita Addams

Release Date:  June 6th
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre:  M/F, Historical

The Blurb:  Thomasine Littlebury is a spoiled, young girl, until the death of someone close pitches her headlong into adulthood. As she struggles to manage her life with little money and less social prestige, she's struck down, leaving her scarred, alone and in the hands of a handsome man with a huge secret.

Myles Cunningham is a rogue of the first water, who answers every call to pleasure and decadence without a second thought. During one such foray, the fates conspire to throw Myles and Thomasine together, in a most unfortunate way. 

Acting as the Good Samaritan, Myles sees to the young woman's recovery and finds himself attracted to her strength and beauty.

As their relationship progresses, circumstances conspire to force them to marry to preserve Thomasine's honor. He fears the discovery of his secret might destroy their fragile rapport, yet he desperately needs Thomasine, for he's convinced she, above all others, is the rogue's salvation. 


It's also winner time again. W00T! 

We have many today.  First, the winner of Brita's second giveaway of awesome...

The Rogue's Salvation

~ Rho ~

And the winners of the 5 swag bags of fabulousness...


~ Heather in FL~
~ Silvia ~
~ Wyndslash ~
~ Comfort ~
~ Debbie ~


Thanks to everyone for coming by to play giveaway.  I'll get emails off to everyone today. Uber thank you to the fantabulous Brita Addams for the awesome giveaways, and a big hugeamous congratulations on your two new releases!  You rock tough Violet.

That's all for me for now!

Later taters!

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