Thursday, June 30, 2011

Updates: Where He Belongs, Charity Auction, and a Silly Blog Girl

Updates, updates... where to start...

First off, how about Daniel.  Today is the last day for the pre-order for Where He Belongs which gets you early download AND gets you in on the raffle of coolness.

Pre-order raffle! Every pre-order between May 13th and June 30th will be entered into a raffle for one of three exclusive prizes: a poster of the cover art signed by Rachel Haimowitz, a chapbook of the Where He Belongs collection signed by Rachel Haimowitz, or a $5.00 gift certificate for the Storm Moon Press store. In addition, all pre-orders will be available for download 48 hours prior to the official release.

The hottest name in network news is Daniel Halstrom. He is a sensation, a rising star. He is also a slave, owned wholly and completely by NewWorld Media.

But before he was a star, he was a frightened child from a bad place with a promising, if limited, future ahead of him. In The New Kid, young Daniel begins his schooling. Then, for a slave, the simple pleasure of a Bathroom Break is sometimes the only pleasure to be had. Later, Daniel doesn't know it, but A Chance Encountermight be the most important of his life. Next, in Camera Obscura, one of Daniel's colleagues reflects on the fact that as much as the camera may show, it can hide even more. Finally, when you're a slave, Independence Day is just another day.

Exclusive Bonus Content!
Excerpt from Anchored by Rachel Haimowitz, the debut novel in the Belonging series
The never-before-published prequel to Anchored
A sneak peek at Counterpunch, the upcoming Belonging novel by Aleksandr Voinov


Want more Belonging 'Verse coolness?  Of course you do!  You simply must... MUST...check out the coolness that is, the awesome website that holds ALL the goods.  

It's got classified ads, conscript testimonials, all the info on NewWorld Media (Rachel Haimowitz's Anchored/Daniel), Fitzhughes Boxing Stable (Aleksandr Voinov's Counterpunch/Brooklyn Marshall, YUM!), all kinds of cool happening.  There's even a place to Anonymously report fellow slaves for misbehaving. 

Hmm. I want to report someone... >:D

Yeah, anyway... totally awesome website.  Oh! It even has a store where you can get the awesome wristbands for Anchored and Scorpion too. :D  (they ROCK!!!!!!!!!!)


Next... The Charity Auction to Save Kitty Kolya ends today.

Still a great opportunity to get some awesome things by some awesome authors, publisher and more.   

There's a huge backlist by Aleksandr Voinov, Rachel Haimowitz, Brita Addams, Andrea Speed, Signed Counterpoint, swag awesome by Rachel Haimowitz, Coolness from Storm Moon Press, Candlemark & Gleam... and more.  Totally worthy.  


Ok... what else... I have no idea.  Oh! My Daniel interview/Anchored giveaway.  Silly blog girl here.

I updated that post, cuz... silly me... I had the wrong date. :D 

As much as I love a good way back trip in mah way back machine of awesome...I did NOT use it for the Anchored giveaway.  The posted date of June 8th... is in fact... incorrect. :D Weeee.  

The REAL date for the end of the giveaway is... JULY 8th. 

That makes a little more sense, doesn't it. heehee... oops. Thank you SusieQ. You rock.

If you've not yet entered, you can find that on Daniel's interview here

I think that about covers it.  

That's all for me, for now.

Later taters!


  1. Hmm. I want to report someone... >:D

    I've been good! I swear.



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