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Guest blog and Giveaway: L.C. Chase

Mornin' darlins.  I am so vera excited today.  Vera vera.  Why? Well, I'll tell you why. It's because the fantabulous LC Chase is here at my Place to chat cowboys and her new book coming out next week, Long Tall Drink.  Mmmmmm, cowboys. 

Cool yeah? *nods* Yeah.

More coolness… she’ll be giving away a copy to one lucky commenter. Yaaaay giveaway!  I like those. :D

We’ll run the giveaway until Monday, August 1st at 9:00pm PST.  You know the drill, leave a comment, include your email address and check out the rest of the details at the bottom. 

Now, without further ado… I turn the blog over to L.C. with a big Amara’s Place Welcome!

The Thing About Cowboys
by L.C. Chase

Every year for the past several, I've been going up country and volunteering at a local rodeo. It's three full days of everything cowboy, and nothing but heaven. While I spend a great deal of time running around helping with the beer gardens or the gates, the horses or gophering between organizers, or "why yes, I'll hold your reins, cowboy…" I also spend a fair bit of time observing the goings on through the lens of my trusty Nikon. One year I snapped 1100 shots.

Guess how many were butts and boots?

There's just something about the way a cowboy carries himself, the way his body moves with effortless grace and power. He speaks only when his words mean the most. He watches out for those around him without appearing to be paying attention. He’s the first on scene to help an injured animal or a downed cowboy, and the last to ask for help. He’s respectful of all things living and never forgets his manners. He's comfortable in his own skin and with his own company. If man were an island… But if you find yourself castaway on that island, you will live comfortably in his unshakably loyal devotion.

That’s a cowboy, to me.

Next week, two new cowboys ride onto the scene -- Ray For and Travis Morgan. My new book, Long Tall Drink, releases at Loose Id on Tuesday, August 2nd. I decided these two should live up to their persona by helping their fellow man. As a complement to the book, I’ve done a graphite pencil drawing that I'll be giving away on release day. But there's a catch. In order to get yourself this original piece of artwork, you'll need to do a good deed for your fellow man and woman, as well. How? Well, pop on over to my blog for the scoop.

In the meantime, here's the blurb and a short excerpt from Long Tall Drink. Enjoy!

The Blurb:

Fourth generation rancher, Ray Ford has lived a lie for nearly forty years. Having seen what can happen to an openly gay cowboy in small town America, and not willing to risk Ford Creek’s legendary reputation, he keeps that part of himself tightly locked down. Everything changes one Sunday morning when Ray, out of character, picks up a handsome hitchhiker looking for work. Hiring the enigmatic cowboy stretches the bounds of Ray’s control and forces him to question just how much he’s willing to risk for that one true love.

Travis Morgan learned a hard lesson early in his life – love was conditional. Even though he’s a world-class horse trainer in high-demand, he lives the life of a drifter, moving from ranch to ranch like the wind. He’ll play when the opportunity arises, but he won’t invest himself emotionally. But when he takes on the job training horses at Ford Creek Ranch, the stoic rancher with the sexy five o’clock shadow just might change all that – if Travis can take the risk and stick around long enough to find out.

The Excerpt:

This scene takes place about a third of the way into the story. I like to call it "The Burrito Scene".

Ray looked across the narrow Formica table and watched Travis dip his burrito into a dish of thick salsa before taking a hearty bite. They’d stopped for lunch at Ray’s favorite Mexican café before heading back to the ranch with the newest addition to his herd.

“I didn’t thank you for your help back there.” He broke the easy silence that had fallen between them while they ate their burritos and enchiladas.

“Don’t mention it,” Travis said with a shrug, loading up another dollop of salsa on his burrito.

Ray’s gaze fixed on Travis’s mouth as it opened to take a bite. Deep pink lips closed around the thick cream-colored tortilla. One hand gripped it firmly at its base, holding it in place, and Ray’s abdomen clenched at the sight. The burrito fell away, and a wet tongue shot out to run along the top lip. A missed chunk of red salsa clung to the corner of the sensual mouth. Ray saw himself leaning over the table, sticking his own tongue out and lapping up the spicy hot sauce. Then he would trace the seam of those enticing lips, ensuring he hadn’t missed a drop, and they’d part, allowing him entrance. Blood drained from his brain and fled south in response.

One side of that delectable mouth lifted and held motionless -- waiting. Ray raised his gaze to find Travis staring back at him. Darkened eyes flashed bronze fire, burning him, singeing his skin. Travis raised his thumb and wiped at the salsa, then put the digit between his lips and sucked. He opened his mouth, and his tongue made a display of circling around the tip before he closed over it again. Then he slowly pulled it out, finally letting go with a small pop.

Good. God.

Ray was mesmerized, fully erect and pressing painfully into rough denim and an unforgiving metal zipper. Why didn’t he wear button-fly jeans? His cock throbbed, and he shifted to accommodate himself as much as possible, short of yanking his pants off to free his aching dick.

The smile on that rugged, handsome face across from him widened, and that single dimple deepened in his cheek.

What the hell was he doing? Mind controlled body. Not the other way around.

Annoyed, Ray tore his gaze away, suddenly finding his enchilada extremely interesting. He could not look at Travis again, not without jumping his hired hand right there on the table in the middle of Santos Café. The good people of Billings, Montana, likely weren’t ready for that kind of lunch-hour entertainment.

He would never look at a burrito the same way again.


The fine details...
  • Giveaway is for an eBook copy.
  • Contest closes 9:00PM PST, August 1st, 2011
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me you’d like to be entered in the giveaway.
  • Please include a valid email address or I won’t know where to contact you.
  • Winners will be selected at random using
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
  • Contest is open to worldwide.  
  • Must be 18 yrs. old or older.


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