Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Blog and Giveaway: Louisa Pare-Luigi

Today Louisa Pare-Luigi has come by to hang out at my Place.  She’s here to tell us a bit about herself and her book The Heist.  Welcome Louisa, and thanks for coming to play blog with me.

Happy Thursday!

I have my coffee, nicotine gum and Lulu, my faithful hound dog beside me, wondering why we are up so early. So in short, this might be a little off the cuff.

So here is a little about myself: I am Louisa Pare-Luigi and I have written a short story, The Heist (F/F/M), about a jewel thief named Juliette, who is set to steal a nine carat diamond during a gala set in France’s Burgundy Wine Country.

I have been enjoying my debut into this exciting literary world and appreciate the vast possibilities erotica offers.  For my next story I will be writing a M/M erotic romance and could really use some advice from YOU, the reader, as to how you like your erotica!

Which brings me to my contest question: for the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to, (Generously provided by Noble Romance Publishers) send me an email at and tell me about the M/M genre.  What kind of characters you like to read about, your favorite settings, conflicts. Do you like a sweet romance or a story full of suspense? The most detailed email wins, and don’t be shy—I don’t shock easily!  Be sure to include your name and email address so we can get your gift certificate to you electronically as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I have included a short excerpt from The Heist.  For the naughty XXX rated excerpt, visit my blog:, the full story may be purchased at for $1.00.

Happy Reading!

Louisa Pare-Luigi

The Heist
Louisa Pare-Luigi

Born without privilege, Juliette’s questionable sense of honor was offended each time she attended a stately European ball in the name of charity. The grand scale of such events seemed like a smack in the face to those they imagine themselves to help.

Guilt no longer stabbed at her heart when she lifted the jewels from wealthy party guests. Several years of heisting precious gems had dulled her sense of culpability, believing each heist to be a victory for the poor. And this grand event, at one of the most beautiful chateaus in France, would be no different…

She had left the ballroom and taken a back staircase up to an unguarded fourth floor where guest quarters were located. She surmised after walking by several scaffolds, that this wing went unoccupied since there were renovations under way.

Just as described, she came across the marked door. She looked both ways down the corridor, like a child about to cross the street; she took a deep breath and turned the knob. Entering the dark room quickly, she closed the door behind her and, flipped the light switch, illuminating the room—where she found the most precious surprise before her: the redhead standing in the middle of the room holding a small black velvet bag bulging with the diamond she too had come for. Hiccupping, the woman had a pistol aimed at Juliette’s head…

Later that night

The Frenchman withdrew and rolled her over to the side of the bed, while he
motioned to Juliette to bend over on her hands and knees…


  1. THANK YOU!! It seems this was my lucky day.

  2. Hi Marybelle. You're welcome. Congratulations. :)

    And a big thank you to Louisa for coming to play blog with me. :))

    Have a great weekend!



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