Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Reading Vacation

I iz takin' one.

I'm tired, and this I need to fix.  I've been going back and forth for some time now on how to do that, how revamp the blog, get back to some of the things I wanted to do when I started, like... actually read books, among other things, but I've struggled as too how to go about it all. Instead of figuring it all out, I've pushed myself right into... total burnout. Silly little blog girl has lost her silly little dance. My desire to play blog has gone from... WhooWhoo BLOG... to... *insert eeyore voice* time to make the blog post. It’s actually gotten so bad that I’ve gone back and forth on actually not wanting to play at all.

Problem is, I really, deep down, don’t want to stop playing. When I feel good… I really do love my blog. I really do love to play with authors and their books. I really do love all of you that come to play with me. But… I can’t fake the dance. I can’t fake the WhooWhoo stuff. It doesn’t work, and… I detest fake.

So, I’m going to take a break I think. Or at least pull back some. I’m going on a reading, find your dance, get back to having fun… vacation type thing. Not a clue what that means. I’m making this stuff up as I go.

About the only thing I’m sure of is that I was lucky enough to have some awesome authors offer to come and play blog with me in the form of guest bloggers. They are going to come and do posts and giveaways too. Books, gift cards... awesomeness.  Yaaaay! I’m very excited about that. I’ve never had guest bloggers before; I do all of this myself, so I really don’t even know how guest blogger stuff works. But, I think they are full of awesome at this point, and I think it’s gonna rock.

My first guest blog spot will be tomorrow. J.S. Wayne is coming by with a post of awesome as well as giving away a $10.00 Noble gift card. How awesome is that?! Uber.

Also this month, LJ LaBarthe, Louisa Pare-Luigi, Margie Church and DC Juris are going to swing in with their awesomeness.  I shall call this... July, Awesome Guest Blogger Month, or... something like that.  I'll post a schedule over there on the sidebar so no one misses any of the awesome. 

There will be more in August as well, guest bloggers of awesome.  I'll keep you posted.  As for me… I’ll be out and about, reading and playing, and who knows what else. Truthfully, I’m never that far from my Place and there is just no telling what kind of willy nilly will just … show up.

That’s all for me, for now.

Later taters!



  1. I'm glad you're taking a break instead of burning out.

    Enjoy your 'vacation'! ;)

  2. Have a lovely rest, m'dear, and seriously consider scheduling guest bloggers once a week or so from here on out so you can continue to get some rest here and there in the future :)

  3. Hope your break helps...I burnt myself out on historical romances and now can't get excited enough to actually read one, even though I have some that are written by some of my fave authors.

    Just relax, read when you want, what you want. Hope you get back into your grove soon.

  4. Be sure to take a picture of yourself reading on vacation! You could win big! :D ;) and I won't make you review ANY of them. :D



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