Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sexy Saturday of Suitporn

Ever since I came across that yummy that was suit dude and slave boy I have been on the look out for more.  I kind of have a suitporn... thing.

Mmmmm suitporn.

Suitporn, however, is not easy to find. I've come up pretty empty handed.  So, I went digging back thru the tumblrs and thought some of those totally deserved a reblog.  Oh.My.Yes.

Let us gaze upon the awesome that is... the suitporn stash.  Want to?

Doooo lets.

Let us start with a re-drool over... suit dude and slave boy. Cuz, well... why the hell not, they are hot.

Mmmm, yeah, ok then... moving on...

And... some of my still current faves of oh my hawt... 

And finally...

Yeah... that is all.

That's all for me, for now. Have a great weekend all!

Later taters!


  1. OOh, I love looking at these.

    You now about the site, Men At Play Im sure.

    They have movies and pics.

    Its a paid service *sigh* but when hose photos are just out on Google for all to see, wow...


    Great blog!

  2. Great pictures, but that first one... wow! A man in a suit dominating a slave with a collar...oh yeah!

  3. Amara, my love, no one celebrates Suit Porn better than you. Thanks for that!

  4. @Rawiya: Hi there! I'm so glad you like. :) I do know Men at Play. I've scored a few vids, but the pay deal has kept me from joining. They do have some yum thou. ;)

    Thanks for coming by. I'm so glad you like the blog. :D

    @Lucia: INORITE?! That one just gets me. Love that one. :D

    @Artemis: Hi darlin'! So happy to see you! Glad you like da boys. Happy to share! :D

    Hope you all had a great Saturday! Thanks soooo much for stopping by!



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