Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Awesomeness that is... Cresendo by Rachel Haimowitz

Cresendo! Cresendo! *gasp* Mah Ayden!!! Mah Ayden and mah Freyrik! W00T! They are available for pre-sale!  I saw it! I did, I did. Saw it with mah very own eyes over on Rachel Haimowitz's blog. W00T! AweS000ME (<---sings that part) Cool!   *does the pre-sales happy dance*

Even more with the cool... it's 20% right now. Full of... WIN.

Even MORE with the cool...there are giveaways of awesome to go with.  Check it out! Ripped from Storm Moon Press...
All pre-orders will be entered into a drawing for one of three prizes: a poster of the Crescendo cover art signed by Rachel Haimowitz, a bundle set ofCounterpoint and Crescendo paperbacks signed by Rachel Haimowitz, or the grand prize: a classic Nook pre-loaded with Rachel Haimowitz's entire backlist! In addition, everyone who pre-orders the ebook will be able to access it 48 hours prior to the official release date!
Friggin' awesomeness of the uber kind.  AND, that still isn't all. There is also the entire first chapter posted over there. All uber awesomeness.  Totally and completely.  I'm more than a little excited.  *gasp* I need to go make a countdown timer for mah Ayden!  I love him. While I'm off doing that... here's a little teaser for now.  Then, you totally want to go check out the rest.  I promise. You do.

Later taters! *twirls off*

Release Date: October 7th, 2011
Publisher: Storm Moon Press

History made them enemies. Chance made them master and slave. Love overcame it all. But love isn't always enough....

Bridging the hatred of centuries did not come easy for Freyrík Farr and Ayden Vaska. As prince of a war-torn human province, Freyrík could ill afford to fall for an enemy. And Ayden, and elven warrior with three hundred years of bitterness in his heart, wanted no part of love—not elven, and especially not human. Yet they came together despite themselves and despite the will of their peoples, joining heart and mind to fight a race of Dark Beasts threatening the extinction of mankind.

But the Dark Beast threat pales beside the dangers of the human High Court, home of the Aegis Exalted and the harshest test yet of Ayden's and Freyrík's fledgling love.

While Ayden is stripped of his magic, Freyrík is forced to choose between his love for elf, Aegis, and brother, all the while seeking the one uncertain path that might save his doomed race. Time is fast running out for mankind, and only by making peace amongst themselves and with their ancient elven enemies can they end the Dark war—and undo the tragedy that's plagued humans, elves, and Dark Beasts alike for the last three hundred years.



Freyrík had long ago come to realize the gods rarely intervened in the lives of men, no matter what prayers or sacrifices were made. Yet only recently had he come to see their indifference as a blessing, for when the gods' great shadow fell upon you, it might well blot out the sun.

Which was how he found himself in the darkness now, tucked down in the canopy bed of his traveling tent with the man—the elf—he loved. The elf he'd sworn to see safely home. The elf he was now escorting to the one place more treacherous than even the darker forests: the High Court of Aegea.


"No," Ayden said, and none too gently, at that. "How many times do I have to say it? I'll not run away without you."

Freyrík rolled over to face him, glad for once of the elfglow in the dark tent, wondering if Ayden could see him back in a light that was not—according to the elf—really there. "You know I can't leave."

"Then neither can I. Go to sleep."

Before Freyrík could try a new tack, Ayden rolled away. For a moment he thought the elf angry, but then Ayden pressed his bare back to Freyrík's chest and tugged Freyrík's arm over his waist. He held to it with both hands as if he suspected Freyrík might take to pacing. Which, admittedly, was tempting.

"I can hear your thoughts roiling," Ayden grumbled. "Sleep."

As if he could with the dangers of the morrow looming so. "Not until you've heard me out."

Ayden sighed but then pressed up tighter against him, his arse grinding against Freyrík's groin. "Fine. Speak." Another wiggle that would have ended all conversation were Freyrík not so anxious. "But know my thoughts are not on your words."

Freyrík clenched his fist, his forearm flexing beneath Ayden's grip. 'Twas all he could do not to push the elf away and shake some sense into him.

He startled when Ayden's hand snaked between them, probing. "Perhaps yourthoughts aren't, either?"

And gods befanged, but those questing fingers raised evidence to support Ayden's theory. A moment's trying to coax more from him, then another. Freyrík grunted and pulled Ayden's hand away before he lost the will to stop him.

Ayden hmph'd and did not try again.


  1. That kitteh pic up there at the top totally tripped me out, girl. *dies laughing*

  2. LOLOLOL. I tried to find a Mamba pic to represent my excitement, and couldn't find one. So ... kitteh :D

  3. Ooh, I'm getting a countdown? :D *claps!*

  4. Well heck yeah you do. :D *whispers* only 63 days, 10 hrs, 5 mins left :D

    And will have a bigger one too, maybe when it's like... 60days only. :D :D :D



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