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Giveaway: Moonlight Becomes You by Piper Vaughn & MJ O'Shea

Visiting my Place today is the wonderful Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea with an excerpt and giveaway of their new book Moonlight Becomes You.  AweS000ME (<---sings that part)

You all know the drill, leave a comment telling them you're entering the contest, check the fine print at the bottom for all the details, and you're in.

Now with a big warm welcome, I give you Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea with... Moonlight Becomes You.


Moonlight Becomes You

The Blurb

Eleven years ago Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend Jesse Seider out of their band, Luck. Though he had a gorgeous voice, Jesse wasn’t beautiful, and didn’t fit the label’s ideal look. But Shane’s never wanted anyone else more, and all the sex and alcohol in the world can’t fill the void Jesse left behind.

As his thirty-second birthday approaches, Shane feels more miserable than ever. Even the prospect of teaming up with Britain’s hottest band, Moonlight, for an epic world tour can’t get him out of his depressive funk. Until he meets lead singer, Kayden Berlin, and falls into instant lust.

Though Kayden acts like he’s not interested, Shane knows he feels the spark between them. But the harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away. Then one explosive night things finally come to a head and Shane is left nursing a broken heart. That seems to be Shane’s lot–lucky at everything but love, the one thing that matters most. But there’s a lesson Shane still hasn’t learned: when it comes to love, you can’t always leave things to chance.


The Excerpt

Shane watched as Kayden left the terrace, heading away from the hotel instead of toward it. There were two walkways on that side—one path would lead him deeper into the city and the other toward the beach. Shane could guess what direction he’d take, but it took him so long to fight his way through the crowd that Kayden had already disappeared by the time he reached the end of the terrace.

Shave waved back the security guard that made to follow him and peered up and down the street. His saving grace was the gleam of Kayden’s pale hair under one of the lampposts in the distance, which told Shane he’d been correct in his assumption that Kayden would choose the lure of the Mediterranean over all the concrete, steel, and glass the rest of the city had to offer.

He followed in the direction Kayden had gone, his steps quick. Kayden was moving slowly. He occasionally stopped and appeared to sway a bit, and his halting progress allowed Shane to catch up with him at the edge of the sand. “Kayden? Where are you going?”

Kayden paused and glanced over his shoulder. It was darker near the beach, away from the glow of the streetlights. Shane couldn’t read Kayden’s expression, but his voice was amused. “Stalking me again?”

“Not stalking.” Okay, maybe he was stalking. “I just wanted to talk to you. I know you’ve been avoiding me.”

Kayden shrugged and stepped out onto the sand. “What’s there to talk about?”

“Emmanuel, for starters.”

Kayden laughed and kept moving toward the water, his steps unsteady. “What about him?”

Shane followed, his combat boots sinking into the softness of the sand. “Is something going on between you two? Are you into him or something?”

Kayden snorted and giggled. Giggled. Shane’s eyes widened. Holy hell, just how drunk is he?

“What…business is it of yours?” Kayden asked, looking back at Shane over his shoulder.

At that precise instant, he tripped, apparently on thin air, and would have gone face-first into the sand if Shane hadn’t grabbed his arm. “Jesus, you’re a lightweight, aren’t you? No wonder I never see you drink.”

Kayden jerked away and lifted his chin. “I’m not a lightweight. It’s just been a while since I’ve eaten.”


Kayden huffed and turned back toward the water. The sound of the surf was calm, the waves licking over the shore and retreating in a steady rhythm. There was a marina to the left, where dozens of moored sailboats bobbed and shone in the moonlight, and before them the Mediterranean Sea stretched darkly toward the horizon.

“It’s beautiful here,” Kayden said suddenly, startling Shane. “I love the smell of saltwater.”

Shane nodded. “It reminds me of being in Puerto Rico. My grandparents’ house isn’t very far from the water.”

“Have you been back since…that time?”

The question surprised Shane, but he answered with a shrug, “Yeah. We’ve played a few concerts in San Juan.”

“No…I meant to see your grandparents.”

Shane felt himself tense. He’d been tempted to visit them the first time Luck had played in San Juan. But he’d suspected that when his mother abandoned them, she’d returned to her parents on the island. And he couldn’t risk seeing her. Not after she’d left him and Nicky in the care of their asshole father without a backward glance or a single phone call in all the years that had followed. “No,” he finally answered.

Kayden nodded and stayed quiet for a few seconds. When he spoke again, his voice was contemplative. “There’s nothing going on between Em and me, by the way. We’re just friends.” He glanced sideways at Shane. “You might want to try that sometime.”

“I am try—”

“Besides,” Kayden went on as if Shane hadn’t spoken, “my name isn’t Surya, and that’s what Em and I talk about most of the time anyway.”

Shane blinked. “Surya?”

Kayden laughed, his thoughtful mood broken. “I know. Unlikely pair, that.” He reached up to brush his bangs off his forehead. “Christ, why is it so hot? It’s the middle of the night. Maybe I should go for a swim…”

He went for the water, fully dressed, shoes and all. Shane snagged his wrist in alarm. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

Kayden stumbled and crashed against his chest. He peered up at Shane, close enough that Shane could have leaned forward just a fraction and their mouths would have touched.

“You know,” Kayden said, his warm breath radiating over Shane’s skin, “I’ve always loved your eyes. You look good in eyeliner.”

Shane stared down at him in shock, his grip on Kayden’s wrist loosening. “What?”

“I’m going for a swim.” Kayden pulled away from Shane with so much force, he flew backward and landed on his ass in the wet sand. He sat there for a moment, looking stunned, then burst out laughing and let himself fall back. A wave crawled up the shore and over the right half of his lower body, drenching his clothes. “The great Shane Ventura,” he mumbled as he fisted a handful of sand. “Who would’ve ever guessed?”

Shane leaned over him. “Shit, how drunk are you?”

“What? I’m allowed to be a rock star too, aren’t I?” Kayden smirked. “Though, admittedly, you do corner the market on drunken debauchery, don’t you?”

“Come on.” Shane knelt down and reached for Kayden’s arm. “I’ll take you back to the hotel.”

Kayden’s only response was to fling a glob of wet, gritty sand at Shane’s shirt. It landed with a squelch, spattering across the dark material. He laughed and started gathering another handful. “Not so tough now, are you?”

Shane gaped at him but came to his senses before Kayden could throw another clump of sand. He dived across Kayden’s body to pin his arm, and they grappled for a few moments, Kayden laughing all the while. It occurred to Shane too late that he was getting more sand on himself by wrestling around with Kayden in the surf than if he would have just dodged Kayden’s throw or if Kayden had managed to hit him again. On top of that, his clothes were getting soaked, and he had water in his boots again. But the plus side was that Kayden was writhing beneath him, and it felt good. So good that his body began to respond, his cock stiffening and making its presence known against Kayden’s hip.

Kayden went still under him. He looked up at Shane, but the shadows made his face unreadable. “Why does it seem like I always wind up wet whenever we’re alone together?”

Shane grinned. “What can I say? It’s a gift.”

Kayden chuckled, the sound low and dark. Shane nudged his hips forward and felt Kayden’s answering erection through the sodden layers of their clothing. “And now you’re hard too.” He leaned down, his lips brushing Kayden’s as he spoke. “Want me to do something about that for you?”



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The fine details...
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