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Guest Blog and Giveaway: Mercy Celeste

Yaaaay, visiting my Place today is the wonderful Mercy Celeste, here to chat about her books and even give a couple away. AweS000ME (<---sings that part)

I shall step aside without getting all gabby, and give the Place over to Mercy.  Check the deets at the end for the giveaways. 

Welcome to my blog darlin'. :D

When Amara sent out a request for guest bloggers way back in July I jumped at the chance. Amara is witty, I love her tweets, and I thought it would be a great idea. And why wouldn’t it be, I had three books available with two in edits. In July, I was wondering which new book would come first, the het erotic football romantic suspense or the erotic contemporary male/male. Surely, one would be ready to go by August 31st at least. This was my reasoning. And if for any reason neither book would be available then I have the three books still floating out there.

This was in July. And July was a long time ago. Okay so what’s the problem? I hear you asking, I have really good hearing. I’ve thwarted many a whispered daring escape plan in my day. Even back in high school I had the other kids thinking I was psychic, naw I just have super hearing and you guys need to learn to whisper more quieter like, I swear. What was I saying, oh yeah, the problem is August came and things didn’t pan out quite the way I anticipated in July.

First up, Wicked Game made it through all edits with flying colors, it is looking so pretty, and it was ready to go weeks ago. The problem is Liquid Silver Books already had August booked solid. And really, that isn’t a problem; it’s a football book after all, about a bossy quarterback who meets his match when he hires a former classmate (who just happens to be his all-time annoying nemesis) to be his personal assistant. And football season officially starts next Thursday September 8. So a September 5th release date is actually perfect timing and really, it’s just a few days off so no big right? I’ll just show off my other books and offer a choice up for a giveaway if anyone is interested enough in my work to drop in and comment and….er sorry the doubt goblin waltzed through my brain just now.

And then I finished edits for Behind Iron Lace. My next male/male goodness that Silver Publishing so graciously bought and my lovely editor over there, my first male editor by the way, kept making all these wonderful comments about my bad boy Caleb. So if two of my beta readers and my wonderful editor are all sighing over Caleb then I must have done something seriously right with him. He is sort of yummy. He talks like the firefly in The Frog Princess, at least that’s what I heard when I wrote him, only sexy like. But it’s almost September and Silver Publishing is planning something for the release of the book, don’t ask me what because I don’t know. I do know that the cover is going to be spectacular, when it’s finished, because I know these things, I am psychic after all, remember I said so a couple of paragraphs up. I do know that Lace will be out on Halloween, yep October 31st to be exact. Both books are out on holidays, how’s that for special?

So since I don’t have a new book at this precise moment to come out and blog about. And because things happened with one of my publishers that resulted in me pulling my rights for my two gay books. That leaves me with just one book that is currently on the market. Double Coverage, also a football book, this time a ménage, also from Liquid Silver books. Double Coverage came out in January of this year. Just eight little months ago, so really it’s still a fairly new book. Some football on the beach, a little sex in public, a forbidden relationship between two friends that cost them their friendship, and the cast of everyone’s high school reunion.

There you have it, me, Mercy Celeste, author of het and gay erorom and I want to be your friend. I have a little blog that I piddle around with, usually whining about my kids and how my current WIP is kicking my butt and porn. I was multi-published with a book on the All Romance ebooks bestseller list, number four to be exact, and now I’m singly published with two brand new books coming soon. I’d love to give you one, Double Coverage available right now, or if you’d like to wait until Monday night, you can be one of the first to read Wicked Game. 

Leave a comment, tell me what you read, what’s your favorite Labor Day food, or just say hi, I’m easy. We can even talk about porn if you want. Okay, maybe not, Amara might not like that and I want to be invited back. So yeah, okay, I’m done talking now, I think. Sometimes I get carried away and babble on and on and on and really, I’m shutting up now. Thanks for hosting me Amara, I hope you will invite me back because this has been so much fun and don’t forget Monday September 5, the Wicked Games begin over at Liquid Silver Books usually around 7 eastern time.


Visit my blog Beg for Mercy here:

Visit Silver Publishing here:
And Double Coverage can be found here:


Oh, Mercy darlin' you can talk about whatever you want. Porn included. *whispers* I like porn. *winks*  It's great to be queen of you're own domain. Heehee, I get to make up all the rules. And...well... I don't have any. Even bettah. :D

Yeah, anyway, we'll keep the fantabulous giveaway open until Sunday night, Sept. 4th, and Mercy has offered up a copy of each book. W00T!

That rocks.

Thanks for hanging out at my place Mercy. I rather enjoyed it. *grins*

Later taters!

The fine details...
  • Giveaway is for an eBook copy, (1) Wicked Game, (1) Double Coverage
  • Open worldwide. 
  • Contest closes 9:00PM PST, (Midnight EST) Sept. 4th, 2011
  • Please include a valid email address or I won’t know where to contact you.
  • Winners will be selected at random using
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.


  1. love the post and you two cracked me up. thanks Amara for hosting the giveaway and thank you Mercy for being gracious!


  2. Like the post you are both very funny. Mercy, I haven't had the chance of reading your books, yet. But I will be watching closely to read them when they come out. Now off to take a peek at Double Coverage!

  3. Good morning sunshines, I know it's afternoon, I am so not a morning person.

    First thank you Amara for having me, I love your site and I've got to get in on that Z.A. Maxwell give away. I love her books.

    And ladies that you for commenting. Thank you for thinking I'm funny. I just ramble, it comes out and people laugh, it's not intentional I swear.


  4. oh mercy Amara said Porn is always good to discuss...i enjoy your rambles even on your blog cuz you always add men!! even men kissing *shock*...i have put my fingers over my eyes (peaking of course) at your pics

    hey and you know i loved Double Coverage (bullet & trigger are still closer in my mind)...can not wait for Wicked Game..

    oh if you need an assistant to help with research on inspiration i have become quite a fan of research...thanks again to you

  5. i absolutely LOVED Double Coverage! I boasted about you on GR that you were an author to watch out for. I'm so excited for your new release, congratulations!!!

  6. Oh and sorry to post again, but do the characters in your new book have fantastic names like Bullet and Trigger?? I though they were the best names, LOL, I still crack up thinking about them.

  7. Hi Rho,
    Sort of on the nick names. And thank you so much. .

  8. I'm always up for discussing porn. ^_^

    Since one of your books starts with the word "Double"... I'm also thinking of another thing that starts with "Double". *wink wink*

    I like the sense of humour and fun in the interview. If this is how your books are like, I'd like them.

  9. Well LCF, yep, that double is mmmhhmm yep, and we ain't talking Dr. Pepper.

  10. *waves* Hiya everyone!

    Mercy, thank you soooo much for hangin' out here with me. You rock darlin'!

    aobibliophile and Tiffany, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Mercy's just too fun.

    Chele: Inorite? Porn is always good for discussing. *whispers* she puts pics of men kissing on her blog? How have I missed this. Those are some of the best kind of pics.

    Hi Rho, Hi La Crimson Femme. Thanks for stopping! :)

    Thanks for coming to play everyone! Hope you all had a great day. :D

  11. I had a great time. Thank you so much Mistress Amara for letting me play. And yes I post men kissing because you know I'm sort of weird that way.

  12. Great post Mercy. I posted the link on my facebook page for you. The timing is perfect with football season. Good luck to you!

  13. Thanks for the laughs - I needed them :-) Double Coverage doesn't sound like a terrible "consolation prize" at all! Both of these have gone on my wishlist.

    smaccall AT

  14. Football season is almost here - time for some smexy books and Sept 5 is perfect release date.

    Labor Day - potato salad, burgers on the grill, Buffett on the cd, kids playing on the slip-n-slide. The final good bye to the summer -unless you live in So Fl like I do ;)


  15. Just found your blog Amara it's fabulous

    Loved the interview

    Have put both of these books on my too read list.

  16. I read a little of everything so am always open for more. To me plot & characters are impt, but what they do *wink* is a big help too.
    Labor Day and other holidays were big when my parents were alive and siblings were home. Burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, bake beans-- that was the way to go. Now, I just enjoy the extra day off work.
    The excerpts make both books look like interesting reads. Looking forward to them. I'd be happy with either one. Keep writing!

  17. @Mercy: *whispers* I post kissing men too, as often as possible. ;)

    Thanks for coming by Casey, Bookwyrm, Booklover, and Cindy. :)

    Awesome Sarah. :D I'm so glad you like the blog. That makes me smile.

    Thanks everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend!



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