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Guest Blog & Giveaway: Temptation Triggers by Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle

Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle are hanging at my Place today to chat all about their new book Temptation Triggers. They are going to be giving away a copy of that goody on Monday so leave your comments and say hello. :)

Welcome Brenda and Steve. :D

Temptation Triggers by Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle, Authors of Erotica and Erotic Romance

Temptation Triggers, a collection of erotic short stories, is our second book to be published. Our publisher requested a short story from us to be included in their new anthology. He liked our story so much; he decided to dedicate the book to us and asked us to write several more stories. We were going to write eleven stories in honor of the release year 2011. However, we went over the required word count at seven stories (which is okay, seven is Steve’s favorite number). The other four stories are waiting patiently to be finished and come alive in another anthology.

We really didn’t have a hard time coming up with the titles or characters. The cover inspired the first story, Steal My Love, we submitted. Patty Melt came to us when Steve took me to Whataburger on Valentine’s Day for a patty melt – my favorite sandwich. Break Up Pudding is from a recipe our youngest found. We love Savannah, GA, so we wrote a short story, Hotel Savannah – a lonely woman’s diary, in this location. Carnival is dark erotica where we really pushed the limits. Our story, Grandma finds her G-Spot, still cracks us up when we read it. We had so much fun writing the stories and honing in on different writing styles. We actually amazed ourselves. These stories are quick reads for everyone to enjoy.

Best Lover in Town is our first novella published June 2010 and re-released July 2011. We entered a short read, Black & White Affair, for a holiday contest December 2011. This was a readers' voting contest and our little story did pretty well coming in third place. We have expanded the story and it was published July 2011. Best Lover in Town and Black & White Affair are available on Smashwords, All Romance, Xcite Books and on Amazon Kindle.

We are announcing our third book, Triangle of Secrets, to be published by August 31, 2011. Triangle of Secrets is an erotic short story, the first of five in a series. We'll have two more releases by the end of this year.

There are two authors who have taken us under their wings and helped us to be better writers. Thank you Deanna Jewel and Tonya Kinzer for you feedback, support and hilarious conversations.

Steve Tindle and Brenda Woody were high school friends in Georgia who reconnected, on a social network, after 30 years of leading separate lives. During their re-acquaintance, they found their past and interests were similar; they had written poems, songs, and both had the desire to be published. Their combined experiences and fantasies inspired their first erotic novel “Best Lover in Town”, published June 2010. Brenda moved to Dallas in 2009 to be closer to Steve, start a new chapter of her life and work on future books. Their second book “Temptation Triggers”, an anthology of erotic short stories, was released June 2011 for Kindle and will be available in print soon. “Black & White Affair”, submitted in a holiday contest 2010, has been expanded and is available as a short read. “Triangle of Secrets” and 2 more books to be released in 2011. Their stories are penned with the perspective of both male and female point of view regarding sexual desires and pleasures.


Temptation Triggers captures the wickedness of sexual fantasy, the mystery of unexplored territory and the fulfillment of open communication. Among these thought-provoking stories, two friends find themselves drawn into a dark erotic world, a woman encounters a mysterious man and a mature couple discovers hush-hush desires about each other. With different styles of writing, Temptation Triggers reveals erotica that is passionate and spellbinding.

Excerpt - Hotel Savannah

Saturday, February 13, 1932

Today was a day I won’t soon forget. I met with him early as we had discussed the night before. He had a horse and carriage waiting for us outside the hotel. He helped me onto the bench and covered us with a blanket. The driver cracked his whip and the horse drove us around the city of Savannah.

There was a cold chill in the air but the blanket and my new friend kept me from noticing. As the carriage took a sharp turn, he took advantage of this opportunity and moved closer to me. I didn’t mind, I welcomed his advances. I would have sat on his lap if I hadn’t been so worried about appearances.

He pointed out several historic buildings and could name every one of them. We became closer and closer as the day passed.

When the wheel of the carriage hit a pot hole and our hands made contact as we both grabbed for the falling blanket. I didn’t retract my hand and neither did he. We turned to look for each other’s reaction. Looking into his dark eyes, I wanted to stay here forever.

The driver asked if we wanted to walk River Street while the horse rested a few minutes and he checked the wheel. I had never been to River Street so this was a great adventure. I was helped down by my escort and we strolled down the cobble stone road to see the shops and eating establishments.

The wind shifted and the moisture in the air became heavier so we headed back to the carriage. A few minutes before we reached our destination the sky opened up drenching us with rain. The driver was ready and said the wheel was fine. We hurriedly got back into the carriage and cuddled under the blanket attempting to fight off the cold wind’s attack on our bodies.

He pulled me close and put his arm around me to shelter me from harm. I felt safe under his care.

We arrived back at the hotel and went to my room to get dry. I didn’t want to leave him for a minute so didn’t suggest me going to my room and telling him to go to his. He retrieved a towel and dried me off starting with my hair. He actually asked me if I wanted to strip to my underwear before starting to unbutton my garment. I was very impressed by his mannerisms.

He slowly unfastened the bead buttons and carefully slipped my dress off my body, not wanting to get it more messed up than it already was. He placed the dress over a chair close to the fireplace. I was a bit nervous and asked him if he would like some hot tea brought to the room. While I called room service, he stood by the fire watching me. I wonder what it would like to be married to him instead of Thomas. I think my life would be happier.






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  1. The cover is wonderful. I really think this sounds like a great book, can't wait to read it.

  2. You caught my attention. I'm going to love all of these I can see.


  3. Popping in right quick here. Today was busy busy and our youngest passed the driving test, and is now licensed. We knew we would sitting at DMV all day so we took our laptops.
    Mary and Marybelle, thank you for stopping by. We're glad our work has caught your attention.
    Amara - the post looks awesome! Thank you for having us on here all weekend. Heading to bed at 2:48 AM. Where does time fly to? Can we bottle time and sell it? ummm

  4. *handing Brenda a bottle of Time* I just came out with this! Hope it works for you. Take two shots a day in the morning and see what happens! LOL Hey, great post guys! You two are everywhere lately! I can't keep up! LOL Muah! Love you both!

  5. Hi Tonya, 2 shots huh hope it works. Yes, August and September are very busy for Steve and me since we are moving to Savannah GA in October. We tried to squeeze in as much blogging as we could. It's been a fun tour so far and we have met some new fans!
    Remember to follow us on our blog for events, updates and news in our world. We also interview authors of many genres and give a shout of their new releases.

  6. Mary, Marybelle - Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you were here. We hope you enjoy reading our books and short stories.We love finding new fans and look forward to chatting with you.
    Tonya - Thanks for the Time. Brenda keeps me jumping with interviews, blog hops, and writing, among other things.
    Be sure to check back for answers to your questions and comments.

  7. *waves* Hi everyone :)

    I'm so glad you like how the post came out Brenda & Steve. Thanks so much for coming to play blog with me :)

    Mary, Marybelle& Tonya, thanks for stopping by. :)

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  8. The hurricane has put a damper going online for our east coasters. Just glad the bad weather is over and the fatalities were under 20 (so far). Thoughts go out to the families who lost a loved one.
    Tonight is the last night to comment and enter the drawing. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and good luck.

  9. Hello, Brenda and Steve‼ I cannot believe how fast you guys are writing...I'm so happy for you and I feel like I have not been showing it‼ Please forgive me of my absences‼ java in the fall? Much love and hugs to you two and congrats‼ I REALLY look forward toreading TT and Triangle of Secrets‼ You had me at BLT‼

    Theresa I.M.

  10. We have pulled a winner - Mary! Congratulations. You have an email from bestloverintown at gmail dot com with Temptation Triggers attached.
    Amara, thank you again for having us on your blog.

  11. ~CLOSED~

    Congrats Mary!

    Thanks for playing everyone. :)



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