Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ride the Wave ~ The Awesome that is Riptide Publishing

*screams* OMGOMGOMGOMG! *Snoopy dance of epic proportions*

Have you seen it? Have you heard yet?  There's news.  BIG news.  BIGBIG!

There was an unveiling on Saturday, a launch of one fantabulous new publishing company.  It's name... 

And it is going to be epic.  EP-IC.  

I have been watching for awhile now as Riptide's co-founders, my 2 #1 faves Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz, and Chris Hawkins, began building this fantabulous company.  I've no doubt that it's going to be publishing company that will knock the socks off of both authors and readers alike, and I for one could not be more excited.  I've been holding my breath, containing my claymores and my hand grenades until I thought I would burst.  BURST!

You simply HAVE to check them out.  Their first wave list of authors is full of awesome.  Authors including...

That there... quite a list.  And that there... just the first wave.  Awesome.

You can head over to Riptide's beautimus website to get the full scoop on all the uber-awesomeness that is Riptide. Totally not to be missed.

You can also find them on Twitter here , Facebook here and...Goodreads here. :)

That's all for me, for now. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Later taters!


  1. I was very excited and it had absolutely nothing to do with me. :P

  2. LOL. High excitement there wasn't it?! I think I snoopy danced myself right into a coma. They are going to rock sooooo tough!

  3. Aww, you are just the Sweetest Person Ever, darlin. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about our little venture! :D

  4. I srsly could NOT be more excited. lol you'd think it was mine. Sheesh. I'm just glad I finally get to blow. The claymore/grenade containment was killin me. :D

  5. Us too! Just BURSTING with the need to share!

    Of course, now I feel the same way about all those awesome books already ARC'd up and ready to go...

  6. I'm so thrilled to be an author at Riptide! It is so exciting and grueling, with the edits that is. Hi Rachel *ducks my head back to Romeo 2*

    Love you Mamba. Awesome post!

    Brita (Violet)

  7. @Rachel: I'll bet. Don't know how you guys held it. You guys done sooo good with this whole thing. I have an odd sense of... I'm so proud of you guys. For realz. *blushes* ILU guys so hard.

    *perks up* ARC'd ready and up already...? You are on a roll!

    @Brita: *waves* Hey Violet! I'm so thrilled to see you on the list darlin'. First Wave of AWESOMENESS! Gonna rock it tough!



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