Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Coming Awesome

There is sooooo much going on at my little Place here, my head, it spins. Here's the still open goodies from last week, and the schedule of the upcoming awesome for next. All giveaway's will close on the 21st and I'll announce all the winners on the 22nd. Then, the hugeamous Riptide Blog Tour Pre-Party Kickoff begins. 8 days, huge prize packages, total awesomeness. Uber even.

Current giveaways...

Close Companions on a Long Road: Why I Write Gay Characters in Fantasy

When I first read The Lord of the Rings, I was convinced that it was the great, epic love story of Legolas and Gimli. This was when I was about seven, before I knew that queerness was a thing--before I really understood what sex was, and definitely before I'd come across archives like Axe and Bow. In my childhood, when the world of epic fantasy was still shiny and new, I couldn't have cared less whether they were friends or comrades or lovers. I only knew that I took an unaccountable and unadulterated delight in learning that those two eventually sailed off into the West together.

Celebrating a step forward: the Death of DADT

“DADT” is the military acronym for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a policy instated by President Bill Clinton in 1993. It was a compromise between his campaign promises and legislative opposition—he’d vocally supported the rights of gays and lesbians to serve their country openly in the Armed Forces. Once in office, however, Clinton met with strong resistance from Congress, and DADT was the result.

Hi Lindsay, welcome to my Place. I’m so excited that you’re here. *smiles* Thanks for coming to chat with me. To start with, tell me a little bit about yourself...

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Next week…

Monday:  London Saint James ~ Enchanted, Excerpt and giveaway

Tuesday:  Michael Mandrake ~ Guest post

Wednesday:  BL Morticia ~ Character interview

Thursday:  Winners of all current giveaways announced

Friday:  Riptide pre-tour celebration begins!

Riptide's editors will be visiting from September 23 through September 30, giving all the dish on the First Wave stories - why they wanted them, what the editing process was like, maybe some stuff about the authors, too.

Cool yeah? Yeah. Aaaaaand there will be prizes. Not one, but 2 prize packages of uber awesome!

One winner will receive a huge swag pack, filled with goodies related to all eight of our First Wave Books - a mug, tote bag, notebook, mouse pad, calendar magnet, cover art magnet, pen, note pad - each with a different book cover. (US addresses only, please) 

The other winner will get a First Wave Author Sampler, which will include one backlist book of choice from: Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov and Brita Addams; a copy of Infected: Prey; Infected: Bloodlines OR Making Contact by Andrea Speed, and a copy of a backlist book from Damon Suede, Cat Grant or Storm Grant.

The September pre-party schedule looks like this:

September 23 - Andrea Speed - Pretty Monsters

September 24 - Peter Hansen - First Watch

September 25 - Storm Grant - Sucks & Blows

September 26 - Rachel Haimowitz - Master Class

September 27 - Brita Addams - Romeo Club #1: Surprises

September 28 - Cat Grant - Once A Marine

September 29 - Damon Suede - Grown Men

September 30 - Aleksandr Voinov - Dark Soul vol. 1

On October 1, ... the official virtual Ribbon Cutting ceremony, with a spotlight interview with Aleks, Rachel and Chris. 

Lots of uber awesome coming to mah Place. Now I must run off and get ready! Lots to do!

That's all for me for now. 

Later taters!

*snoopy dances off*

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